A Delicious Tweak To The Chocolate Cream Cheese Omelet

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Last July, I invented one of my favorite breakfast treats, called the Chocolate Cream Cheese Omelet.

Low carb chocolate cream cheese omelet from Starling Fitness

Every time I make it, it’s uglier than the last, but it tastes like a deliciously chocolate pancake, despite not having a lick of flour in it.

Last Tuesday, I figured out how to make it ever so slightly better. The original recipe had you heating a tablespoon of butter in the pan so the omelet wouldn’t stick. I used a tablespoon of coconut oil instead and the flavor was divine! It adds about twenty calories to the recipe, but the coconut flavor of the oil pairs so well with the chocolate and cream cheese that it’s worth it.

When you eat low carb, it’s really easy to eat too much protein. In fact, the biggest mistake rookie low carb eaters make is eating too much protein. You have to LOOK for ways to add fat to your meals in order to keep your percentages at a level that won’t give you gout. Adding coconut oil to my chocolate cream cheese omelet gives it a boost in flavor and some well-needed calories from fat.

The next time you’re at a loss for what to eat for breakfast, try my chocolate cream cheese omelet and give yourself a treat!


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