Why Not Me Commercial from Nike

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Damn, Nike! Why u wanna make me cry?!!

Here’s the full transcript:

When I was growing up, girls just didn’t run in public.
No one on my all-boys team would pass to me.
Dad told me I couldn’t be a boxer. He said I was too small.
There was a guy who tried to spit on me and then push me out of his way.
There comes a point where you have to be sure of yourself.
People aren’t used to women being so passionate.
It scares them.
One day, I just said it doesn’t matter what other people think.
I’m a fashion model who can dunk. I’m a girl. That doesn’t mean I have to wear a skirt.
Doesn’t mean I can’t get all fired up.
They used to say that girl is crazy.
But then I just kept winning.
I didn’t set out to dominate. I just did.
Somebody’s got to be the best.
So why not me?
I’m 55 years old and I run close to 70 miles a week. ?I never felt like quitting. There’s something telling me to do it every single day.
Just want to play ball.

The more Nike does commercials like this, the more I love them. Why can’t they show just as much respect to people who are overweight as to women and minorities?


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