Zombies, Run! 2 Is Coming This Spring

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I’ve been running with an app on my iPhone called Zombies, Run! It’s a compelling story about Abel Township and their desperate survival despite the swarms of zombies. It really has made my exercise more intense and, paradoxically, easier to finish.

I’ve talked about Zombies, Run! before:

The whole premise is that I am Runner 5 and it’s my job to leave the safety of the bunker to get supplies, distract zombies and ultimately find out the truth behind the strange occurrences in Abel Township. It has made my running much more intense.

Run like zombies are chasing you from Starling Fitness

Original photo via: Zombie Walk 2012 by Grmisiti on Flickr

I run like zombies are chasing me because in my headphones, they are. If you’d like a description of what it’s like, here is a fan-made film by Mars Rising.

I just found out that they are working on Zombies, Run! 2 and it should be released in the spring, so you have a bit of time to download the original and get caught up before the 60 new missions are ready.

I like that I can run outside or inside on the treadmill. I can’t have zombie chases when I’m on the treadmill, but that doesn’t bother me. The noises of the zombies on the audio tracks is enough to keep me running. Additionally, I’ve also been able to use this app while I’m on the exercise bike. I put it in accelerometer mode and put it in my pocket and it works pretty well while I’m pedaling away on the bike. That helps ALOT when it’s particularly cold or miserable outside.

Here is where you can download the app:

Here’s a teaser video for the new update:

They have been talking about it on the Zombies, Run! Blog:

If your running, walking or biking has felt boring lately, download this app. It is a little pricey, but it is WELL worth the money. Enjoy your runs and get away from the zombies!


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