Run Your Self Doubt into the Ground

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This image from work sweat achieve is something I want to believe.

Run Your Self Doubt Into The Ground from Starling Fitness

It reads:

Run your self doubt into the ground.

I’ve always been plagued by low self esteem and self doubt. It gives me hope that if I run long and hard enough that they will both be trampled into the ground. Could I somehow pound my self loathing into a pulp while running? I think I might actually might be able to do that. When I was running regularly, I felt much better about myself than I do now. I still hated myself, but I felt better. For all I know, I was one run away from finally crushing my self doubt into nothingness if I hadn’t quit.

Why should I exercise every day? Because it gets me one day closer to conquering self loathing for good.


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