Listen for the Unwritten Symphonies

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Running. Running worked for me before. Sure, they say that it’s bad for your knees and can lead to injuries, but I never was as thin as when I was running.

Plus, I find that I miss it. I saw this motivational picture yesterday and it truly made me remember why I loved running so much.

Listen for the unwritten symphonies in your footsteps from Starling Fitness

It reads:

Listen for the unwritten symphonies in your footsteps.

I started running again yesterday and I will again today.

Photo via: I CAN DO IT


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  1. Diandra Says:

    Gosh, I love running. The weather has not been good enough for it, so we bought a treadmill (which is really ugly in the livingroom, but I still love it), and then I came down with the cough. Can’t wait to get going again, and then enjoy the woods as soon as it gets warm enough again.

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