The Chemistry of Addiction

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Sci Show has a great episode about the chemistry of addiction. He’s talking mostly about drugs, but there is a small segment about food addiction. He does note, however, that the concept of food addiction is still a controversial subject and hasn’t been studied as much as drug addiction.

Sci Show did an episode on why we love junk food so much. Here is the link to that as well.

It feels completely demoralizing when I hear about the science of addiction because it makes it feel like my eating is out of my control. There are all these chemicals in my body urging me to do things that are BAD for me, so why should I even try to fight them?

I prefer to feel that my eating IS in my control. I want to believe that I am the master of my physical being and I have the choice whether to exercise, eat healthy food and refrain from bad food. Part of me just wants to forget about science and continue living in the fantasy that I have a say in the matter, but more and more science seems to prove just the opposite.


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