How Diets Work

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Jenna Marbles made me laugh out loud at this video about how diets work.

At the point where there’s a cupcake, and she says, “How did you get here?!” I just lost it! Where does one even FIND a cupcake that looks like that?!

Honestly, though, that is EXACTLY how my eating was EVERY day for years. Once I got off sugar, though, it became a lot easier. Now, there are actually times when I FORGET to eat. Crazy, I know, but the carbohydrates were driving my insane hunger. Once I stopped eating them, my eating became MUCH more normal.

It took about two weeks of eating NOTHING sweet and no more than 30 grams of carbohydrates a day to get away from this cycle of eating. When I say nothing sweet, I mean even artificial sweeteners. Even though they have no calories, the sweet flavor would set me off.

The next time you feel like this video is the story of your life, get your self away from the carbs and load up on protein and fat for a couple of weeks and your dieting will become much easier, I promise!


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