Move In Ways You’d Never Expect

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I love this Reebok advertisement:

Move In Ways You'd Never Expect from Starling Fitness

It reads:

Move in ways you’d never expect.

I know it’s talking about their shoe that is supposed to be flexible, but I love this ad because it is true about exercise. When I’ve been exercising regularly and doing my after cardio stretching, I find that I am able to move in ways that I couldn’t before. I’m far more flexible than I was before I started exercising.

I’m also stronger. I can lift more grocery bags and my bowling ball doesn’t feel like such a burden anymore.

I can go the distance, too. I can walk further before I tucker out. If we are going up a hill, I can do it without stopping for a rest.

When I exercise regularly, I find myself moving in ways that I never expected and it’s a delicious surprise!


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