“I” Am The Only Difference Between Fit and Fat

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Healthy is Classy posted this thought:

“I” am the only difference between fit and fat.

I loved it so much, I made an info graphic for it using the photos from Jennifer Hudson’s transformation.

I am the only difference between fit and fat from Starling Fitness.

Every time I feel like giving up, I find something like this to keep me going.

Photo via: Jennifer Hudson: Before & After we heart it


Bowling Is Cool!

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If Doctor Who says it, it MUST be true, right?

Bowling IS cool and great exercise. I have been weight training for over two months straight and I thought that by now, I wouldn’t get bowling butt every time I go, but I still do. How does bowling work that gluteus muscle in a way that squats doesn’t?

Whatever it is, I’m still going to do it every week because it’s FUN exercise!



The Movie Diet

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This postcard from PostSecret talked about how I feel many times.

The Movie Diet from Starling Fitness

It reads:

I don’t work out to burn calories.

I work out so that when the day comes for me to leap across train cars, climb burning buildings, and duel with the bad guys, I can do it ALL.

I feel the same way. When I eat healthy and work out, I imagine that I can be a superhero. I call it the Movie Diet.

PostSecret‘s beneficiary is the National Hopeline Network. It is a 24-hour hotline (1 (800) SUICIDE) for anyone who is thinking about suicide or knows someone who is considering it.


Why Our Brains Love Junk Food

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Here is a great video from the Sci Show about why we love junk food so much.

I wish I could change my brain to love the carrots better than the french fries, but that just hasn’t happened and probably never will. I’ll just have to eat healthy despite what my brain loves.


How Diets Work

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Jenna Marbles made me laugh out loud at this video about how diets work.

At the point where there’s a cupcake, and she says, “How did you get here?!” I just lost it! Where does one even FIND a cupcake that looks like that?!

Honestly, though, that is EXACTLY how my eating was EVERY day for years. Once I got off sugar, though, it became a lot easier. Now, there are actually times when I FORGET to eat. Crazy, I know, but the carbohydrates were driving my insane hunger. Once I stopped eating them, my eating became MUCH more normal.

It took about two weeks of eating NOTHING sweet and no more than 30 grams of carbohydrates a day to get away from this cycle of eating. When I say nothing sweet, I mean even artificial sweeteners. Even though they have no calories, the sweet flavor would set me off.

The next time you feel like this video is the story of your life, get your self away from the carbs and load up on protein and fat for a couple of weeks and your dieting will become much easier, I promise!


Are The Olympics Ruining Womanhood?

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This video from Jenna Marbles is commenting on this article:

Aytug said women’s associations should protest the Games and added that it was enough for him to “take a look at female swimmers” to reach that opinion.

“Broad-shouldered, flat-chested women with small hips; [they are] totally indistinguishable from men. Their breasts – the symbol of womanhood, motherhood – flattened into stubs as they were seen as mere hindrances to speed,” Aytug said. “I am not even talking about female javelin throwers, shot-put athletes, weightlifters, wrestlers and boxers,” Aytug said. “Their appearance is just pathetic.”

If you don’t want to watch the whole video, here’s the gist of it:

Jenna Marbles Sports Bra from Starling Fitness

Oh hey! Don’t mind me. I’m just a 12 year old man-boy-girl-lady, here to ruin femininity in the Olympics for you.

Jenna Marbles Sports Bra from Starling Fitness

What’s that 12 year old little boy doing here? ‘Bout to win a gold medal, m-er, f-er!

Jenna Marbles Sports Bra from Starling Fitness

Oh hey! Just the same 12 year old man-boy-girl-lady… except I’m not wearing a sports bra.

Jenna Marbles Sports Bra from Starling Fitness

Jenna is spot on. When we work out, we are there to do just that: WORK! A sports bra is very helpful in keeping everything in place when we are physically active. We’re not there to be ogled. We’re not there to turn you on. We’re there to break records.

Don’t let Aytug or any other person judge you based on your sexuality. You’re at the gym to kick some ass, not to be a piece of one.



Why Are Gym Posters So Expensive?

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Weight Training Stretches 24I want to put some posters up on my wall in my home gym, preferably ones that SHOW me how to do exercises, but they are SO expensive! These are the best ones I could find online, but they are all at least twenty bucks apiece!

They all look like they are good quality and they’re all laminated, but I don’t need that. All I need is a simple paper poster to go up on my wall in a frame. I want it large enough to see all the exercises and I want it to show the beginning of the move as well as the end.

Plus, TWENTY dollars apiece?! I can get a poster of anything else for only six or seven bucks! Why are these over twenty bucks apiece?

If I buy them directly from Algra, I can get them for $13 and they are paper:

I found a pretty good poster to download here: Ironmaster – Strength Multiplied It’s meant to be printed on 11″X17″ paper, so it’s pretty high resolution.

The problem with this poster is that it doesn’t show you how to DO the exercises. It only shows them in one of the states.

Chest Exercises from Starling FitnessThese images are better, but they’re so low resolution, you couldn’t print them up big enough to put on your wall.

Sparkpeople have a bunch of printable exercises, but I don’t care for the photos:

These exercises are animated GIFs, which work really well on the computer, but you can’t print them up:

It looks like I’m stuck buying those overpriced posters from Amazon if I want anything of quality. I wish there was another option.


You Can Always Be Thinner, Look Better

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I’ve never seen American Psycho, but I get the drift the Christian Bale’s character is a bad guy and probably shouldn’t be trusted.

Then again, what he said in this clip is true:

Chloe Sevigny’s character says: “Do you wanna bite?”

Christian Bale’s character says: “I’m on a diet, but thank you.”

Chloe: “You don’t need to lose any weight. You’re kidding, right? You look great, very fit.”

Christian: “You can always be thinner, look better.”

The next time someone offers you food you shouldn’t eat, remember this little video. Reply, “No, thank you.” If they press you about it, remember the mantra, “You can always be thinner, look better.”

Who cares if a deranged and psychotic killer said the words. If they help you, they’re golden.


Thank You, Sarah Millican!

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I love these animated GIFs of Sarah Millican!

Lost a couple of stone from Starling Fitness

A male acquaintance of mine, with whom I have never had a dalliance, said to me, “You know what? If you lost a couple of stone…”

Lost a couple of stone means lost about thirty pounds, for all you U.S. readers…

Lost a couple of stone from Starling Fitness

I said, “The rest of this better be a f-ing equation.”

Lost a couple of stone from Starling Fitness

He said, “If you lost a couple of stone, we could probably go out.”

Lost a couple of stone from Starling Fitness

I said, “Only if the couple of stone I lost was me f-ing head!”

THANK YOU, Sarah Millican! Don’t ever let anyone judge you based on the size of your body. That guy was a class A jerk!

Via: WIL WHEATON dot TUMBLR, laughterkey: anothertroy: best. I LOVE Sarah…


Katherine Hepburn Skateboarding in 1967

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I love these photos of Katherine Hepburn skateboarding back in 1967.

Katherine Hepburn Skateboarding 1967 from Starling Fitness

The subtitle says:

This is Katherine Hepburn on an outing in Beverly Hills. Her sister’s son, Jack Grant, got the actress hooked on the sport while working on a book about it. Grant made this picture.

Katherine Hepburn Skateboarding 1967 from Starling Fitness

It’s surprising to me to see this great actress riding a skateboard. It just goes to show that all of us can excel at sports, even if we start them when we are adults.

Katherine Hepburn Skateboarding 1967 from Starling Fitness

The next time you miss the fun you used to have skateboarding, roller skating or riding your bike, grab your gear and get out there again. Exercise can be fun and make you feel like you’re young again.

Via: Katherine Hepburn Skateboarding, 1967 | Retronaut

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