Could You Escape If You Needed To?

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This picture from Pictures Taken at The Right Time shows me just how important it is that I can run fast.

Could You Escape If You Needed To from Starling Fitness

I’ve talked about this thing before:

What if you were in that situation? What if the freeways were clogged with cars? Could you get away if you were on foot or on a bicycle?

How far can you go in one day on foot if you were really pressed to get out of town? How far could you go on a bike? If the situation was desperate enough, could you escape using only the power of your own body?

THIS is why we workout. We have to be strong for those rare times when everything might be asked of our bodies. It can be the difference between life and death.

Seeing that photo of a huge wave nearly taking over two runners reminds me that I need to by physically fit so I can SURVIVE. It’s what survival of the fittest is all about.

Photo via: Workin It Out / this is the kind of motivation I need to do a 5K!


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