One Workout Ahead of You

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One Workout Ahead of You from Starling Fitness

I’ve never found a workout buddy who could last longer than a month with me. I need someone who will workout with me every day without flaking on me. Sure, you might have to flake on me once or twice a month, but not every other day.

My dog, Nina, is the only exercise buddy who is eager and ready to go with me every single freakin’ day, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone get a dog for that reason. I’ve talked about that before.

In the end, when it comes to staying motivated to exercise, it all falls on me. I can’t depend on a workout buddy. I have to put on my gym clothes and get my butt out there every single day, no matter the weather, my mood or schedule. It all depends on me and all the people who said they would be my exercise buddies and flaked on me will see the difference soon enough.


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