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When Mike and I were visiting Little Rock, Arkansas, last month, we had a chance to ride bikes across the Big Dam Bridge.

Big Dam Bridge Laura & Mike Moncur

The bridge rose 90 feet up into the air, spanning across the Arkansas River and I REALLY wanted to make it across the whole thing. When I arrived there, however, I realized that this was a bigger feat than I thought it would be.

Big Dam Bridge

90 feet is just a number in my head. It wasn’t until I actually SAW how tall that bridge was that I fully understood how big of a job this ride would be. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to get across it, but I did. I got across and back and the view was totally worth it!

Big Dam Bridge

I’m pretty sure that if the bridge had been at 4,200 feet (like back home in SLC, UT), I wouldn’t have been able to do the whole ride, but being at such a low elevation (335 feet), I felt like superhero! I was so proud of being able to get across the bridge, I bought myself a t-shirt commemorating it!

Big Dam Bridge Tshirt

Whenever I’m exercising at home, I need to remember that THIS is why I’m doing it: so I can see great things like the Big Dam Bridge when I’m traveling.

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