Water: My Only Drink

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Since I’ve started my Nothing Sweet Campaign, my beverage choices have been limited. At any restaurant, I’m pretty much restricted to just water. At home, there are various herbal teas I could drink, but really, it’s just easier to fill my glass with tap water.

I’ve gotten to the point where I feel as if all other drinks are contaminated water. They’re kind of what I need, but have been contaminated with sugar or artificial sweeteners. It’s not nearly as bad as sewage water, but I have the same feeling about it. If Diet Coke came out of my kitchen tap, I would call the city, worried about the quality of my water, yet I was willing to drink it for most of my adult life.

I don’t know if the contaminated water idea is a mental trick I’m playing on myself to make drinking merely water easier, but I don’t care. For years, I’ve known that I should just be drinking water instead of soda, but I never bothered to do it. Now that I have the concept of soda being contaminated water, I’ve had no trouble choosing contamination-free water.


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