Why I Was STARVING on WW All The Time

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Fat Head (2009) at Amazon.comI watched the movie Fat Head on Netflix the other day. It is a satirical look at Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me. Tom Naughton spent a month eating nothing but fast food and he LOST weight and his blood levels improved. He did it by limiting his carbs. It’s not all about Supersize Me, though. It talks about why low carb works when low fat really doesnt. It really helped me realize why I was STARVING on Weight Watchers all those years. This clip is kind of goofy and the animation is something out of a bad comedy routine, but it DOES explain why I was so hungry all the time:

The movie trends a little on the conspiracy theory side. I don’t believe the government is trying to make us fat. I don’t believe the food industry is trying to make us fat. I think they are all just trying their best to recommend the healthiest diet, but they didn’t have all the information. They could have chosen low fat or low carb and they chose the wrong one to recommend.

If you are feeling hungry all the time, even though you’re supposedly eating enough calories, watch Fathead. It might give you some ideas to tweak your diet in a manner that will keep you feeling fuller AND losing weight.


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