It’s Fun to Bowl! All The Cool Kids Are Doing It!

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This old advertisement for a bowling alley in North Dakota reminded me of the fun I’ve had this last year. In May 2010, Mike’s sister, Kristen, wanted her birthday party at a bowling alley. Our entire marriage, Mike had denied my requests to go bowling over and over because they required him to wear someone else’s shoes. I convinced him to try it for his beloved sister’s sake by telling him he could bring an extra pair of socks and throw away the “contaminated” socks after we were done.

To my delight, that suggestion started a year’s worth of bowling every week.

He loved bowling so much that he bought his own bowling shoes and we have enjoyed many days of activity. I have been able to get a little exercise every week and it feels like a party every time we do it.

The funny thing is how often bowling is shown in the celebrity magazines. Here is Kim Kardasian, in shoes that are NOT appropriate for bowling.

Here is Ben Stiller.

Here are a couple others:

Apparently, even Lady Gaga likes to go bowling, although the paparazzi didn’t get photos of her.

I’ve enjoyed the sport so much and even though it’s not aerobic, by any stretch of the imagination, it DOES give me a workout. The first few weeks of bowling, my back, hamstrings and arms ached as much as when I did weight training.

The next time you’re thinking of doing something fun for the evening, try bowling. It’s a fun time with your friends and you get the added benefit of a workout while you play.


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