A Special Thank You To Lindsay Lohan

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I received a reminder from ROFLrazzi today. Back in June 2010, Lindsay Lohan blamed the alarm on her SCRAM bracelet on kombucha, causing it to be pulled from the market. Kombucha typically has no more alcohol than a glass of orange juice, so I was disgusted with her and her poor excuse for falling off the wagon.

Why can’t that girl get her act together?

Then I cringed in self-knowledge. Who was I to judge Lindsay Lohan? I couldn’t get my eating act together. I had continually fallen off the wagon. Suddenly, Lindsay Lohan became a beacon of inspiration to me.

A Special Thank You To Lindsay Lohan

Every time I considered bingeing on food, I thought of Lindsay Lohan. I didn’t want to be like her. I want to be strong and be able to say no to my addictions, so I step away from the fridge, cupboard or drive-thru. I haven’t been constantly food sober since June, but I have had far more progress than I ever had before I invoked the image of Lindsay every time I was tempted.

If I were followed around by paparazzi, taking photos of every time I put a bite of food in my mouth, I would live my life far differently. I imagine them there, watching me and waiting for me to screw up. Poor Lindsay has the real world version of that problem. Just thinking about her helps me make better eating decisions every day.

The next time you point a finger at someone who seems to have trouble with an addiction, remember yourself. Pay attention to your own addictions and they will be easier to conquer.


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  1. Charlene Says:

    Hi Laura, I stumbled onto your blog by googling a printable weight loss chart. Thank you for keeping the one you made in excel on your website! Here’s the irony: I was writing down my food diary yesterday and realizing that I was halfway through the little WW spiral-bound book that I had. I’d been in WW a few years ago, but a combination of issues arose and I chose to stop. 3 years and 30 pounds later, I’m returning to the tracking. I’m not attending meetings, and so I was wondering what I was going to use for a food diary when the spiral-bound one was full. This morning I was just looking for a chart to tack to my wall to write my weight on it. Instead, I found a printable for my food diary – something much more valuable than a weight tracking sheet!

    Thank you for your thoughts on Lindsay Lohan and her alcoholism. Being food sober is an interesting concept and I’m going to be thinking about that, as well as imagining paparazzi following me around and commenting every time I take a bite.

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