Sara Rue Lost 50 Pounds on Jenny Craig

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Click to see full sizeIn January, Sara Rue started on Jenny Craig in the hopes of getting back to her 2005 weight. I talked about it here:

Although I’m sure it didn’t feel quick to her, nine short months have flown by and she is now at goal and looking AWESOME! I haven’t followed Weight Watchers at all during the same time, so I look exactly the same. I am so glad that Jenny Craig worked for her, but at the same time, I’m angry with myself for not doing as well as she has done.

Sara Rue Lost 50 lbs on Jenny Craig

After seeing this advertisement, I seriously thought I should join Jenny Craig. Unfortunately, they don’t have a gluten-free option, so I can’t follow their program. Mike was very pragmatic about it. He told me:

If you want to know what it’s like to lose weight on Jenny Craig, just restrict yourself to eating Lean Cuisines and Smart Ones for every meal.

The thought of doing that made me feel immediately deprived and I realized once again that Weight Watchers is the best plan for me because I can work any food into my program instead of relying on prepackaged meals.

Now, I just need to religiously follow Weight Watchers just as faithfully as Sara followed Jenny Craig and I’ll be able to see the same results as her.


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  1. Missie Says:

    I have actually been eating Lean Cuisines since Aug. 1st and having the Weight Watchers desserts daily. I have lost 16lbs in 2 months!!! I walk 1.5 miles about 3x a week. Imagine if I worked out more! Sara Rue has been my inspiration to get in shape and I hope I can reach my goal. (LOVE the Lean Cuisine meal: 5 Cheese Rigatoni w/ a cup of veggies on the side and the Peanut Butter Cup Sundae of Weight Watchers…. Awesome!)

  2. grace Says:

    Weight watchers still rules because you can have what you want in a variety of ways. I still use it as my guide, and yes it has been hard. I have to admit though, that it is so tempting to try Jenny Craig for change but thanks for sharing what I’ll be eating if I do try Jenny, I will stick with WW,can somebody say FRESH FOOD!

  3. prettylittlereckless Says:

    there are definitely some good frozen meals out there (I love Lean Cuisine’s alfredo with shrimp), but when I started my first Real Job out of college and living on my own– I ate nothing but those for lunch and you start to hate them after about 3wks. Points is definitely a great system! Worked for me before, but I fear I might have to go back to frozen meals to manage portions once again.

  4. michelle Says:

    I started Jenny Craig back last August and did ok for the first few months, losing about 15 lbs, but then the holidays stuck and I got really bored with my meals. I had stalled and haven’t budged on the scale. (@214ish) It’s so frustrating because I know if I had stuck with it beter, I would of been so much closer to my goal. I signed up for WWonline but I haven’t really been able to dive in too deep. I feel intimidated.

    I have a question…I have been on and off of diets most of my adult life. Now (@36yrs) the idea of jumping back into a diet yet again makes my head spin. If its new and I’ve never tried it before, I get pumped for like 2 weeks and then fall off/get bored/freak out…just your basic sabotage tactics. Like I’m overwhelmed with information and I can’t get one path clear in my head. I feel scared of failing again. feel like “this diet said this but this diet says that” blah! does this happen to you?

    I like your blog! Very inspirational! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Cair Says:

    I just wanted to share what I have been doing. It has really worked for me in the past, and once again it’s working this time after I had my baby. I’ve done EVERYTHING to try to lose even went to fat camp and this is the only thing that truly worked. 1.I write down everything I eat even if I have a cheat meal! 2. I cut soda and juice out! Now I hate water alone so I’m not suggesting that, but crystal light lemonade and lemon iced tea are both good. If u do like I do, every few days or so I have a diet a&w root beer or cream soda, or a cherry coke zero. Those I have found taste the least like diet. 3. I keep my calorie intake to about 1200 or lower a day. 4. I keep my grams of fat around 20 but allow the room with these sometimes.

    I try to switch up what I eat so I don’t get bored! Some of the staples I will repeat like a thin bagel with chicken lunch meat (2 g fat the whole thing) Boca burger with bun and 2% slice of cheese (4-6 g of fat depending on your bun) Smart ones breakfast meals, especially the pancake and sausage it’s sooo good and I believe 6 g of fat , lean cuisine pizzas, chicken breast with garlic asparagus and mushroom. Here’s a good couple sweets… Sugar free jello pudding cups, skinny cow ice cream, prepackaged rice crispies bar 90 cals and 2g of fat!!! But you def need to be writing EVERYTHING DOWN, it helps to look at what u ate all day it will stop you from the late night binge. And you will be so freakin happy when you have filled a few pages! I use a binder with pics in the front to inspire me and inside colorful loose leaf paper with assorted markers , I write the date what I ate and then it’s cals and fat, I never total it til the next morning. But keep in mind to let yourself have certain things or you will go nuts. But not all healthy food is diet food remember! You can have that slice of pizza today just write it down it will remind u tomorrow u had something bad and tasty but it will hold u over til the next time’

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