Dr Bouchard’s Flesh Reducing Soap from 1926

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Why Be Stout? Dr. Paul Bouchaud's Flesh Reducing SoapThis advertisement looks like business as usual to me.

It reads:

Why be stout?

When you can reduce your figure by a Natural, Easy and Healthful Mehtod which makes your unwanted fat a thing of the past.

Dr. Paul Bouchaud’s Flesh Reducing Soap

which is delighting the over stout and proving a GENUINE REDUCER to all who use it, will absorb all fatty tissues from any part of the body, and bring back natural slimness even to the worst case. All unhealthy flabbiness of muscles regain new life under the influence of this specially compounded flesh-reducing soap. It takes away from LARGE HIPS, DOUBLE CHIN, UNGAINLY ANKLES, ARMS, LEGS, BUST and WAISTLINE, reducing and slendering any part of the body you wish to reduce. It is perfectly safe and proves the needless use of dangerous drugs, dieting, steam pack or exercises.

It seems laughable now that anyone would believe that a soap could make fat go away, yet there are literally HUNDREDS of creams on the market today that claim to do the same thing. The anti-cellulite cream market accounts for millions of dollars in revenue and NONE of them have been scientifically proven to reduce fat.

The next time you’re tempted to try a new “flesh reducing” cream, remember Dr. Paul Bouchaud and save your money.

Advert via: vintage_ads: Dr Bouchard’s Flesh Reducing Soap, 1926


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