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Long Suffering

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Long SufferingI grew up in the Jehovah Witness faith. Although I left the church the day I turned twelve, I still think about their philosophies quite often. The Jehovah Witnesses considered the ability to be long suffering a virtue. I always thought that was moronic because if there is something making you suffer, I always felt that you should FIX the problem. Get out of the situation or solve the problem that is causing the suffering. Doing anything else is idiotic.

Instead of long suffering, they should have called that virtue endurance. Having the ability to last longer than everyone else can mean the difference between finishing the race and quitting at the first water station. Endurance is the difference between getting to my goal weight and stopping twenty pounds away, slowly gaining it all back.

I finally understand long suffering and it’s a virtue that I finally agree with wholly and completely. The next time you’re thinking of quitting, remember the virtue of long suffering and hold on for just a little longer.


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