Sometimes Exercise Is Worth It

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Mike and I were arguing about our daily workout.

“It’s cold outside.”

“Yeah. That wind is WAY too cold for a bike ride.”

“I guess I’ll walk on the treadmill tonight.”

“No, let’s just go outside for a quick walk.”

After much complaining, I got him to put on his coat and brave the icy wind and dandruffy snow for a walk by the lake.

“It’s bloody cold.”

“Yeah, but it’s pretty.”

We found ourselves in the lee of a hill, so the wind abated, but the sun tucked itself behind the clouds, keeping it cold. I pointed at the sky in awe.

Sometimes Exercise Is Worth It

“If we didn’t go for this walk, we wouldn’t be able to see that.”

“Yeah, I guess sometimes exercise is worth it.”


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  1. Rachel Says:

    Hi, i just found your site and Im looking it over and I like it. I have been on WW’s since 2008 lost 30lbs. Slow but surely Im getting there. I just read about the cold today and I got up at my regular time and thought to myself brrrr its cold but I went for my walk too!!!

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