A Walk Before The Sunrise

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Once a week, I drive to NakedJen’s house to walk with her and her dogs. We go early so she can get to work on time. The benefit of a walk before sunrise is the spectactular view of the moon. This photo I took with my iPhone doesn’t do it justice.

The Moon

The same neighborhood that you live your life within is different in the early hours of the morning. The sound of the few cars on the road is muffled. The house full of screaming children is strangely quiet, with abandoned scooters and bikes lying motionless on the lawn. I can hear things that go unnoticed during the daytime, like the sound of the wind whipping through the tree branches and furtive birds, announcing daybreak.

A walk before sunrise is far more than just an early morning exercise routine. It’s a touch of the divine.


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  1. S.A Says:

    Being an early morning jogger, I found this piece very touching. An early morning exercise is one of the things that gives me life energy to carry out my day-to-day activities with less stress.

    There are some basic things that one need to know before engaging in an early morning jogging.


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