The Ultimate Clementine Peeling Technique

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A special thank you goes out to Johnny Wander for showing us all the Ultimate Clementine Peeling Technique.

Ultimate Clementine Peeling Technique

Here is the Ultimate Clementine Peeling Technique:

  • Gently puncture around the top of the peel with your thumb.
  • Start peeling in an even spiral.
  • Continue to peel in a single ribbon until complete.

That’s a little different than the technique I usually use:

Clandestine Clementines by Laura Moncur 04-15-06

  • Pull off the peel in a star shape around the fruit.

Clementines are so easy to peel that you CAN pull them off in one single ribbon. I’ve talked about them many times before, so read up on these great fruits.


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