Michael Verdi’s Training for a Triathalon

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I don’t know if you remember Michael Verdi, but he is one of my video blogging friends from way back. In April of 2006, he decided to run again and did a little video after his first run. A run around the block set off a fit of coughing and he had forgotten how hard it was. You can see that video after his first run here:

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Well, it’s almost four years later and he is now training for a triathlon. You can really tell the difference in his health just by looking at the shape of his face. He has toned up and slimmed down and now he’s willing to take it to the next level.

You can help Michael Verdi by donating to his run for the Team in Training here:

I sent him twenty five bucks just because he’s such a great example of how regular exercise really changes our bodies for the better. Good luck, Michael! We’re cheering for you from afar!


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