The King of Soda Pop

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When John realized that he couldn’t compete with the big grocery stores, he decided that Pepsi and Coca-Cola aren’t the only soda pops in town. Instead of running the grocery store like his father did, John decided to specialize in soda pop. His store now sells five HUNDRED different kinds of pop, ranging from Red Ribbon Rootbeer to Rose Soda and even Cucumber Soda.

You can see his interview from Chow here:

The most interesting part of the video happens at the 4:53 mark when he talks about diet sodas.

Are There Any Good Diet Sodas?

Most diet sodas are really pretty bad. I mean they just don’t taste good. There have been a few that have come out, Stewart’s Black Cherry Diet is probably the finest Black Cherry diet I’ve ever tasted. Jones has a Diet Green Apple that’s very good. And then there’s Sprecher’s, which has a low-cal rootbeer, which has 11 calories, which is not a true diet, but it’s low enough that if you’re watching calories. But other than those three or four, most sodas… [he shakes his head]

His advice?

Drink less. How’s that? Drink six ounces rather than twelve and you get 60 calories versus 120 calories, and then you’re satisfied and you’re happy.

If you’d like to try those diet sodas that he recommended, you can purchase them online and they will ship them to you.

Galco’s Soda Pop Stop: 5702 York Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90042

Video via: Vox Pop Design – Business Lessons from the King of Pop


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  1. Valerie Says:

    I wish I could get some sodas like Sprecher’s

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