Treadmill Tumbling

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I found this little animation from Your daily gif blog.

Treadmill Tumbing

Next time you are thinking of skipping your workout, remember that you might be just making it hard on yourself. You might be Treadmill Tumbling instead of just working out.

Promise yourself that you’ll just get on the treadmill and do a little bit for five minutes. You don’t even need to run. Just get on the treadmill and if it’s miserable after five minutes, give yourself permission to stop.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably feel a lot better after your walk on the treadmill and be willing to do a full workout. Don’t make this hard on yourself. If you are dreading your workout, remember this Treadmill Tumbler and promise yourself that all you have to do is five minutes.


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  1. Eric Says:

    That has to be the best advice I’ve heard in a while. Today I went to the gym for the first time in a year, and found that I had forgotten to pack my shoes. Instead of just leaving, I told myself that I’d have to workout in my work shoes, and I just couldn’t do cardio. After all, is there any issues with doing core workouts with dress shoes on? Not really. I looked a little silly, but I did it!

    And I got to leave early!

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