Monday Music Motivation: Week One

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For the next few weeks every Monday, I’ll share a playlist of songs that I have in my Workout Playlist on my iPhone. I’ll include clips to listen to, where you can buy them and why I have them in my list. Just so you know, I do get a portion of the sales of these songs from Amazon, so if you buy them, you’re helping me out.

You Can Always Be Number One (Sport Goofy Anthem) by Disney’s Splashdance: I talked about this song before, but right now this is the song that is number one on my playlist. I listen to it EVERY time I exercise because it keeps me from getting discouraged when I can’t do as much as I’d like. You can read more about it here: Starling Fitness » You Can Always Be Number One.

Bodyrock by Moby: This song has a strong beat, so it’s easy to run to. There aren’t many lyrics, but they get you moving, “Rock ya’all, no stop ya’ll, to the beat ya’all, the bodyrock ya’ll.”

Harder Better Faster Stronger by Daft Punk: I’ve talked about this song TWICE before: Starling Fitness » Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger and Starling Fitness » Hard Body Videos for Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. This song was my powersong for a LONG time, so seeing it in my workout list is a no-brainer.

Move Any Mountain by The Shamen: This song is from a little-known band in the early Nineties that I have loved for a long time. It has a great beat to run to and with lyrics like, “I will not fail nor falter, I shall succeed. My perception is altered I do believe. Faith is so strong now nothing shall bar my way.” Ignore the white-guy rapping, and it’s a perfect song.

Work Hard by Depeche Mode: “You’ve got to work hard if you want anything at all.” With a message like that, it’s a wonder that this song isn’t my powersong.

Objects In The Mirror by SkinnySongs: I’ve talked about this album of songs TWICE before: Starling Fitness » SkinnySongs: Inspirational Music For Your Workouts and Starling Fitness » Redbook Finally Notices Skinny Songs. If you have trouble getting into the gym to exercise, this song will be your theme song.

Stronger by Britney Spears: It has become the sport of the media to make fun of Britney Spears, but they have forgotten why they noticed her in the first place. I love this song. Not only does the beat keep my feet moving on the treadmill, but the lyrics remind me that I’m stronger than I remember and I can keep going.

Work That Body by Rupaul: Rupaul has a television show called Drag Race and he’s riding high, but he has been around for a LONG time. I love this song from his album, Foxy Lady. It sounds very disco, but all that counting with the voices singing “Reach, Stretch, Push, Up” really keeps me going.

Everything You Know Is Wrong by Weird Al Yankovic: This song is kind of silly and verses sing about everything EXCEPT working out (unless you count the Almighty running past your room in heaven). The chorus, however, reminds me that sometimes I believe things that aren’t true. If I’m feeling like I can’t finish my workout, listening to this song is really good at showing me that I might be wrong.

Listen to the clips for these songs. If you find just one song this week that motivates you to exercise, then buy it and make it your powersong when you’re working out this week. I bet you’ll find that you’re more willing to get your butt to the gym and your workouts are easier.


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