Old Navy Wants To Help You Get Fit

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I rarely shop at Old Navy, but I saw these advertisements in their store windows and they just made me smile. The ads are made up to look like Lost Dog signs, except what you lost was your flabby body.

Old Navy Lost Couch Potato

This was the first sign I saw and I love how they used Jello to represent Jiggle.

Old Navy Lost Jiggle

Muffin Top is a recent phrase in my vocabulary. If it’s new to you as well, it means the fat that can spill out the top of jeans.

Old Navy Lost Muffin Top

Losing your spare tire would be a bad thing on a car, but a very good thing when you’re exercising.

Old Navy Lost Spare Tire

Despite what Old Navy is trying to convince you, there are no magic clothes that will make you lose weight, but having a new exercising outfit is sometimes enough to get me on the treadmill. I really liked these t-shirts because they entice me to do a little more.

Old Navy Just One More Mile

If these posters or clothes entice you to exercise, then Old Navy HAS helped you to lose your couch potato, jiggle, muffin top or spare tire. Get up and do a workout now because the motivation is free!


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  1. Kim the Cybersurfing Junkie Says:

    Yeah, saw those. I just got myself some exercise clothes, too.

    I’m on a “live life, keep fit” goal this year. And I’m making sure that I take it real seriously! But I’m shunning the diet and the gym. Instead, I’m going to run, bike and swim. I recently discovered my old Schwinn and remembered how much I loved biking around our neighborhood. I’m going to do just that, once the snow clears and it gets warmer. Can’t wait!

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