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Just Filmed a Walking DVDI have been doing the Couch to 5K program on the treadmill while watching my Walking DVDs. It’s so cold outside in Salt Lake City that I am trapped on the treadmill. Luckily, I have many exotic locales to explore on DVD. Because of this, I decided to film two walking videos while Mike and I are in Las Vegas.

There is nothing I like better during my Vegas trips than to take an early morning walk on The Strip. This morning, I filmed from The Luxor hotel to Planet Hollywood (and back). I even got some footage of the brand new casino, Aria. It was an eerily quiet and relaxing part of the walk.

It was a total of 2.73 miles and you can see the map of my walk on RunKeeper.

My moronic Nike+, however, had its typical glitch where it doesn’t register a pace and only recorded 0.33 miles. I hate it when Nike+ screws up like that. I shouldn’t have to monitor it every second to make sure it is reading a pace for me. Grr…

I haven’t had a chance to even look at the video I shot yet, but if it’s usable, I’ll get it edited and ready for sale as soon as I can. I actually have two other videos in the hopper: Quail Gardens Botanical Garden Walk in Encinitas, California and a Old Faithful Walk in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming. The hardest part of these videos is designing the sleeve, so I will get working on that as soon as I get back to Salt Lake because I want to have new videos to exercise with as much as everyone else.

Until then, I’m kicking my butt getting filming done here in Vegas while I can.


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  1. Mr Robotics Says:

    I think your walking DVDs are Brilliant. I made one on my walk in the woods in the summer and I watch it in the gloom of winter. A big 42 lcd in front of the treadmill and it is a great to get the mind off winter and the cold.

  2. paintball hopper Says:

    Is there any editing process done in the video. I mean parts you took rest and all.

  3. Laura Moncur Says:

    Paintball Hopper,

    Yes, there is some minimal editing to make it flow well. Sometimes I have to stop the video because someone is talking loudly or I have to sneeze, etc. Mostly, I get the video ready to be burned on a DVD and set up workout duration markers so you can say you want a 20 minute workout and it will show you 20 minutes of walking video.

    Best, Laura

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