Why Do Skinny People Hate Fat People? REDUX

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A while ago, I wrote an entry called Why Do Skinny People Hate Fat People? and the crux of my argument was that people DON’T hate fat people.

Then the comments began piling up:

As a firefighter, I am called upon almost daily to help lift obese people who have just got to low to the ground that they cannot get themselves up. No other reason except they are just to big to lift themselves. I tore out a rotator on one of these lifts, and had to have sugary to get it fixed.

I’m sorry, fat people are disgusting. Humans were not intended to carry so much weight on their bodies. It sickens me to see so many Americans defending their fatness and acting as if it is natural. As the firefighter mentioned earlier, they are stressing our healthcare system, costing us billions of dollars, and lowering the quality of life for millions of people.

I wouldn’t know, but I guess it’s the shame of being fat that causes fat people to make up so many excuses for their indulgent lifestyles and excessive critical mass. The reason why skinny, athletic, muscular people all hate fat people is because you constantly villainize every healthy group of individuals in a desperate attempt to justify your gluttonous lifestyle and resultant unattractive and unhealthy physique.

Funny how the fatty fat mc lardos on here feel it necessary to write an essay length discourse explaining how THEY are the ones who are truly happy and how healthy people are secretly miserable underneath their seemingly more happy and fulfilling lives.

Fat people disgust me. Like mentioned above, our bodies were not built to hold that much excess. People say I’m judgemental and stereotypical when it comes to stuff like this. And I am. I judge you because you are destroying your body; I stereotype you because every single fat person that walks the earth is too lazy to become healthy.

This is just a small sampling of the comments. That entry has MANY comments on this subject and I actually deleted a lot of the really rude ones. So, the verdict is out.

Skinny people DO hate fat people, but why?!

Gluttony Is A Sin

Evagrius PonticusWe can thank the 4th century monk, Evagrius Ponticus, for devising the Seven Deadly Sins and including gluttony on the list (kind of an easy choice for such a skinny guy). From that day, being overweight became an undesirable thing. There are people who are atheists who still staunchly believe that gluttony is a sin. THAT’S how ingrained this idea is in our collective unconscious.

Ironically, the idea that gluttony is a bad thing has some valid points. I wrote about it here:

There is an assumption that fat people are gluttonous. While overeating CAN contribute to obesity, that’s not necessarily the case.

Fat People Are Lazy

I don’t know how the idea that fat people are lazy came about. Even scientific explanations to the causes of obesity link it to sedentary lifestyle. There is a strong correlation to the fact that if people exercise more, they lose weight, so people tend to assume that those who are overweight don’t exercise. This assumption is generalized into the idea that fat people are lazy. It’s not necessarily true, but that’s what people believe.

Burden to Society

Many of the comments I received mentioned that fat people are a burden to society. The most notable was the firefighter complaining about lifting overweight people who have fallen, yet he probably never mentioned the aged who are in the same situation. Society says it’s alright to hate fat people, but not the elderly, so he doesn’t feel put upon by the old people who have fallen and can’t get up.

Others feel that fat people have more medical bills and burden society in that manner. Still others feel that just having to look at fat people is a burden. They say that fat people “cost us billions of dollars.”

It’s Kinda Gross, Dude

As much as I don’t like to admit it, it’s hard to deny that severe obesity is kind of gross. It affects our disgust reaction on a guttural level. I hate to say it, but I have had that reaction to photographs of fat people, despite my belief in fat acceptance. After reading and deleting hundreds of comments saying just that, it was a shocking surprise to me that so many people have this response.

This might not be something that is in our control. The feeling of revulsion could be a response deep down in our genes telling us that mating with an overweight person would not produce healthy offspring. This idea has been argued by scientists, but no proof of it has been posited.

The hard truth, however, is that some people are disgusted by the obese.

It’s Not Healthy

The ones who won’t say these other things to your face will ALWAYS fall back on the fact that being overweight isn’t healthy. I know that it’s more difficult for me to climb stairs. I know that I don’t feel as well as I did when I was close to my goal weight. I cannot argue with these people. I don’t think being overweight is healthy, either.

So, They Hate Me…

The HONEST truth is, there are people out there who hate fat people. They HATE them. They write scathing comments extolling how MUCH they hate them. They list their reasons with poor grammar and atrocious spelling, but the truth of the matter is, they hate fat people.

These people are making decisions about you without even getting to know you. They might even be in positions of power over you. They could be your teachers, advisors, bosses or peers. They decide things about you just by looking at you.

Sometimes, whether you’re fat or thin can decide your success. This is a hard truth and I can’t make it any softer. With these people, you’ll have to work ten times harder to prove you’re not lazy. You can never have a sick day without being considered a burden to the group. You will never be considered a viable love interest.

Unless you lose weight…

You can’t change their minds. I believe in Fat Acceptance, but it’s not working. These people are vitriolic and adamant in their hate and sometimes they are in charge.

There are only two ways to deal with these kinds of people: cut them out of your life or lose weight. More importantly, you never know WHO these people are. Since they are only willing to say these horrible things when they are anonymous, it’s nearly impossible to know if a person who has significant control of your life is a person who HATES fat people.

I’ve never known a better reason to lose weight. They are out there, judging you and some of them control your destiny. Don’t give them an excuse to count you out.


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  1. nic. Says:

    I think one argument that should be brought up as an explanation to some of those reasons at that while some may believe that “fat” people are a burdon to society, that very society has created the surge of fat people.

    Our bodies were built for hunting and walking and thrived off being in feast or famine mode. We crave high fats because our ancestors needed them to survive through periods of no food. Now, food is readily available to us no matter where we turn and a lot of that chemical reaction is still there despite evolution.

    We drive everywhere, most anything we need done can be done by a remote or a robot… we haven’t exactly set ourselves up for giant health success.

    I blame the future.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Wait, people hate me because I’m fat, so I should lose weight? That is probably the worst reason I’ve ever heard to lose weight. If the fact that I am healthy, active and obese chaps someone’s hide, that ignorant, hateful person can go jump in a lake. I don’t run my life or make my decisions based on other people’s misinformed opinions.

  3. Laura Moncur Says:


    What if that fat hater is your boss at work? Change jobs? Give up on your career? Stagnate because he won’t ever consider you for a promotion?

    Sometimes losing weight is the EASIEST way to get out of a bad situation.


  4. Lisa Says:

    There’s a whole lot of emotional blathering on the previous post on this topic but when it comes down to it, it is simple mathematics. Calories in-calories out=your weight. Aside from DOCUMENTED medical issues (skip the whole “I’m big boned” crap), people are fat because they do not burn enough calories. If you are fat, you can lose weight, you just need to change your lifestyle. Park your car and walk or bike. Skip eating out all together. Take away your desk chair, raise your computer and stand up when online (this burns many more calories than sitting). People do make the choice to be fat when they choose to eat more calories than they burn. Simple.

  5. Lisa (but not the same one as above) Says:

    Wow! If anything is understood about the self hate issues involved with weight and food obsessions (i.e. anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating, over-eating, over-exercising, etc) then it should be obvious that this post comes from a very destructive perspective. Blaming some unspecific audience of people who are obese for the hatred that others have for them?!

    Under this logic, one might say gay people should not be gay in case their boss happens to be a biblical literalist, who will be biased against them for what they think is an unhealthy lifestyle.

    Really, someone else’s weight is no one else’s business, and this reaching for a way to rationalize and justify hatred of a specific group of people is culturally unhealthy. I am horrified when people feel so righteous in their hatred.

    In case you are thinking this statement is coming from a person who happens to be obese, I am not. I am right about the middle of the healthy range for my BMI.

  6. nickname85 Says:

    “so he doesn’t feel put upon by the old people who have fallen and can’t get up.”

    -Helping an elderly person get up probably won’t throw out your back, having to pick up a person who’s just too fat to get up probably will. Sorry, but it’s true.

  7. julie Says:

    I found it easier to lose the weight than fight for acceptance as a fat woman. Possibly internal, more than external, but whatever, it’s much easier now.

  8. Lucy Says:

    I think your characterization of “skinny” people hating fat people is a bit off the mark. Case in point this comment on the previous post: “When skinny people see fat people, we see our own biggest fears realized. We see failure. We see depression. We see who we would be if we weren’t working so hard to stay thin. No wonder we get hateful.”

    I would bet you it is NOT the naturally skinny people (who don’t ever work at staying thin) that “hate” fat people. And those really are the only “skinny” people. The others are ex-fat, formerly fat, busting their butt every day to stay un-fat, or just deeply effected by the life or death of a fat loved one – people. In other words, people that have a personal, psychological relationship to obesity. That’s the kind of relationship that hate grows out of, and it really has nothing to do with “skinny”.

    Far to the contrary, skinny people who struggle to maintain a “normal” weight are probably mostly very sympathetic to the problems of struggling with weight, even on the otherside of the coin.

  9. Susan Says:

    Interesting article. Made me think about my own views. I’m obese and I find obesity repulsive. The gag reflex? Well I wouldn’t go that far but when I see other obese people I always wonder “what must they be eating?” Strange thought for me because I feel like I eat healthy foods so why do I assume other obese people eat fat laden foods and are ” lazy slobs?” Such a double standard.

    Thank you for a thought provoking article and the honesty expressed by other readers. Think I shoud go for a walk and get this poor heart rate up and try not to notice if some people Hate me because of my body.

  10. Braidwood Says:

    I am not cool. I finally decided it was ok, and actually, an advantage because I always have nice friends! I mean, I honestly have such nice friends! I just don’t attract people who only want to be friends with “cool” people, thus, I have decided my nerdiness is an advantage that weeds crappy people out of my life.

    Same goes for my physical imperfection. I weed out the assholes who are going to take their anger and vitriol out on people for being imperfect. And its a myth that you can lose weight and then have these people be your kind-hearted friends. I want to lose some weight right now to be healthier, but I consider it a DISadvantage that some jerks will then want to associate with me.

    When I was at the peak of my physical beauty, I was far enough along the “perfect” curve for these assholes to want to associate with me, but not quite perfect enough for them not to criticize me. Of course, there were many people who didn’t criticize me, but those criticizers can always find something. I could lose 10 pounds, grow my hair out longer, wear more fashionable clothes.

    And honestly, I pretty much looked like a goddess, but I have never gotten so much criticism as when I was deemed worthy enough to be associated with by people who want other people to be perfect. It never ends with these people.

    Have you ever noticed how these beautiful famous women are on magazines with their cellulite circled? They are not overweight. But boy, are they being judged and ridiculed. And then if they lose just a few pounds more than people think is perfect, they are on magazines with their bony shoulders circled. I figure they have about a pound and a half lee-way where they can exist without being criticized.

    I guess what I’m saying is, these people who hate fat people don’t really hate fat people in particular. They are just taking out their anger and vitriol on people who they think it is still socially acceptable to put down. It it was an earlier era, they would be bashing gay people or black people.

    On a societal lever, the fat acceptance movement is the only way to stop their bashing, because no individual will ever be perfect enough for them.

    On an individual level, these people are not worth trying to please. I used to try and get mean people to like me. In my early 20’s I saw a cartoon where a girl finally got her mean neighbor to like her. Then she was saying, the trouble with getting mean people to like you is then you have mean friends. Great victory.

    Its SO true! Those people who are mean to you when you are fat aren’t mean to you BECAUSE you are fat, they are mean to you because they are mean.

    Who knows what inner pain or just plain jack-assery causes these people to want to lash out like they do, but it is their own sick deal. Nothing you can ever do will change that, including losing weight.

  11. Jen Says:

    I do not feel that comparing the assisted lift of an elderly person to an overweight person to be of equal comparison. The aging process is a natural degenerative process, muscle wasting through age is unavoidable, however joint weakness and inability to lift ones own huge weight is a completley different subject. What I dissagree with is the fact that I suffered badly with anorexia in my early 20s and as a result hav been left with no breasts. I find my body to be imperfect and am having to pay the £4000,00 cost for the surgery myself. However a girl whom I work with had a gastric band fitted and a tummy tuck 18 months later all on the NHS (Im English) talk about double standards!!! I feel as though its ok to be fat, they will help you to perfect yourself, however to be anything other than fat then your on your own!

  12. Alex L. Says:

    I feel the tone of this article is a bit condescending; the author’s subtle rhetoric seems to imply that dislike– keep in mind NONE of the above comments mentioned hatred, just dislike– of the obese and their attitudes is an ignorant viewpoint. While I agree that one should not stereotype every fat person they see, I must agree with the complainers that there are definitely negative trends I commonly associate with overweight people based on my own observations.

    Now, let it be known that I personally like those that are comfortable with their weight and don’t let it effect they way they act on the job or in society. However, this seems to be mighty rare. I believe I’ve only met one person in my entire life that was overweight and didn’t do/claim one of the following:

    First off, excuses: “I’ve tried dieting; I’ve tried exercising; nothing works!”, as they eat two double cheeseburgers and a large diet coke. I mean really? The math is simple: if you burn more calories than you put in, you’re going to lose weight. This is a fact. Both of my fiance’s parents and one of mine suffer from this “Nothing works for me!” & “I have a slow metabolism!” complex. Exercising increases metabolism, and eating healthier food helps stop hunger. It’s annoying, and indicates to me that a hard-working lifestyle is absent.

    Which brings me to my second point: Laziness. Why are all of my overweight coworkers complainers? They huff. They puff. They tend to do more non-productive things during the day such as go to the bathroom 10 times. Now, I KNOW this is a generalization. But I try and try to ignore the association, and the obese keep seeming to rub it in my face. It’s gross. They sit when they’re not supposed to, they go on the phone when they’re not supposed to, they gossip more than they’re supposed to… Ugh. This is one of the big ones: it usually means I have to compensate and work harder for the lazy/obese people at my job.

    Lastly, their attitudes towards life tends to be a more depressed, “feel sorry for me”-type. I hear them complaining about how the rich are all greedy, the athletic/skinny are all self-obsessed, the hard-workers were ‘born with lucky intelligent genes’, ‘I’m big boned’, the government is out to screw us, blah blah blah (Yes, I have heard all of these again and again and again).

    I bet the qualities listed are lacking among the individuals who spoke here (activists who tend to defend the comfort of their own image are generally hard enough workers in my eyes). Keep in mind I also am forgiving to children whose parents feed them to death/diabetes, as well as people who cannot afford to buy any decent groceries (although at this point, I suggest you find a better job/move to a place where healthy food is available for your own sake). 2/3 of America is overweight though– and I KNOW for a fact that most do not suffer from these situations. Playing the victim is just who they are, and that is what annoys me.

    Sorry if this offends anyone, but there are many many fat people out there that give a bad name for the hardworking, non-complaining obese people out there.


  13. Laura Moncur Says:

    To all those people who don’t believe that people discriminate against the obese, remember Alex L. and his rant. They are out there and they are blaming you for EVERYTHING.

  14. Alex L. Says:

    Did I say I blame the obese for everything? You missed the entire point of my “rant”. I know genetics are in play (to an extent), which is why I stated: “I personally like those that are comfortable with their weight and don’t let it effect they way they act on the job or in society.”

    I know there are skinny people out there that are lazy, complain, act like victims, etc.; I dislike these people. Obese people tend to possess these attributes much more often, though. I don’t know why (perhaps these attitudes lead to obesity), they just do.

    Also, I feel your use of the word ‘discrimination’ is incorrect. I will Never treat an obese person differently in many situations– especially those mandated by law. That said, I tend to not befriend a smoker, an alcoholic, etc. I don’t care if it’s a genetic fault (addiction is a proven genetic issue, even more so than obesity), I don’t function well with people that basically kill themselves. I just don’t get along with them. Also, if I see a lazy, skinny person on the job, I will fire him/her just as fast as a would a lazy, obese person. I don’t discriminate anymore than you discriminate against a man because he’s “ugly” or a friend because they’re naturally “mean”. Keep in mind these thoughts are in no ways set in stone. I’m sure you’ve dated a man that you thought was ugly and have had a friend that you would consider mean; I too have obese friends. No big deal.

    I don’t see the problem with this logic. Please explain if you don’t agree.


  15. Doug malo Says:

    here some food for thought fat people so you will like this. I used to be fat and happy. but after awhile it wasnt the poeple hateing me that made me get inshape, it was the fact that i wanted to do better for myself. how can you like yourself if you let yourself be so unhealthy. you eat more than you need and in turn your a jackass for that. you probably are going to eat something out of spite for every person who encourages you to lose weight. i cant stand fat people because there stubborn and lazy. i hope you all decide to love yourselves and get healthy before your dead, broke, or in the hospital with nobody to blame but yourself.

  16. michelle Says:

    WoW! I cannot believe what I have just read on all of these posts! So much hate!!! What has the world come to when people are generalizing and sunning others for their lifestyle choices. I think we all have someone we look up to, someone that we say god I’d love to be like that person! look like them, have their body, money,fame whatever. The reality is though that life is hard! there is not one person the same and everybody deals with lifes problems in their own way! I have been both Fat and thin, and have no intense feelings towards either group of people! What I see now is just another soul trying to make it in todays tough society. I dont see an overweight person and think god thats discusting he/she is just lazy etc I dont see a skinny person and judge them either! Its starts with you and me, when I look in the mirror I dont want to see a fat or a skinny person looking back at me. I want to see a happy loving and careing person who is loved. so the clincher is when you are on your death bed and look back on your life, what are you going to say about yourself? or what would others say about you? John doe ” was bitter in life! hated fat people a lot!” I hope mine will say Michelle -” lived a full, happy life, and was loved!” Life is short people, please dont waist yours on hating or judging others because before you know it it will be all gone. Just be happy, love yourself and your loved ones and live long. my best wishes and hopes to you all!

  17. S Says:

    as a former fatty i know the emotional problems being obese can i cause as i was obese to the age of 13 at which i decided to take a stand because i didnt want to go through high school fat you people really dont understand how difficult it is to lose weight when i started after a month i had no real results to show and you have to understand i wasnt cheating or anything but no results was very discouraging but i figured i shouldnt stop and should get to a healthy weight regardless most children dont even have to work out their active enough to where if they just didnt eat so much junk they would gradually lose weight

  18. lopark Says:

    My husband and I are social justice activists as well as college professors. We eat out only once a week in general, are vegetarians, and do our best to stay fit and healthy. I must say, when we pass tables of people weighing in the 200 to 300 pound category, we are disgusted and try to sit at our table in a way that we don’t have to look at them Our appetites are ruined if we must. We have also noted that most of these severely obese people eat so daintily in public. Their public eating profile is in direct contradiction to the amount of calories they consumed to be at their present obese weight.

    We don’t “hate” anyone, but are nonplussed as to how a human being can eat so much food, gain so much weight, outgrow his/her clothes at an exponential rate, and not see the harm he/she is doing to the body.

    The poverty issue is not always true. Having raised a large family (five children) on a less than stellar income, I always had a veggie garden going and included fruit and veggies in my shopping cart. I never served frozen or fast foods. Yes, cooking a meal from scratch took time away from the television, but so be it. Priorities count. As a result, all of my children are healthy, slim and fit. It’s a no-brainer.

    Please stop asking us to accept obesity as a norm and not to lose our appetite when we must watch a room full of obese people eating. We know the equation–calories in, calories out. No more needs to be said. Too many people use poverty as an excuse–I know so many people who climbed out of poverty without blaming others and gaining hundreds of pounds of excess weight. We live in a society that blames everyone for everything but the person responsible. The message for healthy eating is out there everywhere–people just have to make up their minds to be healthy and stop eating like hogs.

  19. Gordo McLovin Says:

    Well I think after reading all this fat bashing, that there is a rather simple solution to the skinny people that hate so much the fatties. Since I love being anonomous as well and I love being able to say nearly anything I want (BTW I am a very big fatty, but my fist PSI is 3000, stronger then an crocodiles bite, and at a faster rate, and I have decent but not perfect grammar, and fairly decent intelligence and vocabulary), so what I say, heaven forbid my poor grammatical structuring, that us fatties call to arms, and next time any of us fatties hear a skinny lucky f* make a personal joke behind our backs, we go on ahead, walk back to captain or princess perfect, and play a good old game of smash face with them, thats right knock um dead soldier! in honor of the fat commitee! stay on being fat, at least you know you could fing throw these skinny turdwads into a tree dare they f wit you! I could write this so much better without so many ebonics, but this is to downgrade to the uneducated thugs that hate fatties so theys can understands that I am inspirins an armies to come thug thems down, we are gonna pee on you fools, so f*ing die! Yay!

  20. just me Says:

    I am getting ready to confront a couple of frien-emies with whom I will soon not have much choice but to spend at least some time. I am going to tell them their shitty little unrelenting weight barbs are hurtful and rude and I never want to hear another one out of them. “Not everyone can be PERFECT like YOU, but this gives you someone to put down constantly so you can feel better about yourself.” No I am not happy with my weight and it’s a constant struggle, actually I have been under so much stress in the last year I feel extremely blessed to have survived it, not everyone did where I work. Now that I have, I can work on my health. We all have to do this in our own way, in our own time, and it does TAKE time – I can’t wave a wand and get this done today. Nagging and put-downs don’t help! When will people learn to mind their own business? The constant criticizers need to grow up, mind their own business and find something more constructive to do. If the frien-emies do not come around then maybe it’s time for me to find some new friends who are not so damn MEAN. I have known each of them for decades but so what.

  21. lauren Says:

    I LOVE WHOEVER WROTE THIS! Whats wrong with bettering urself and being healthy… overweight people disgust me… how can u get that way u dont just wake up and say omg im 50+ lbs overweight… no its lil by lil and after 20 lbs u should be like oh shit!!! but maybe im not very understanding since i had a baby and bouncedback to my original weight in 5 weeks on mcdonalds… my metabolism pities yours

  22. Anonymous Says:

    I have a coworker who is tall, skinny, and athletic. Is he a burden on the healthcare system? Believe it or not, yes! He’s been in the “shop” for screwing up knees and other joints. He bragged about being in for surgery 5 times to fix up his body after he abused it by getting athletic injuries.

    I’m fat. To lose the weight, I’d have to just about run around the world without stopping. If I had a car as fuel-efficient as my body, I’d have an Indy car that’ll finish the race on 5 gallons of gas. Meanwhile, athletes are 2-legged gas guzzlers! Fat or thin, you are still a healthcare burden.

  23. Kelly Says:

    I hope this “fat acceptance” crap never gains any traction. I used to think it was “superficial” to be disgusted by fat people, and felt guilty for discriminating against them, but I’ve come to see the truth now. Your fat is a choice, and we have every right to be disgusted by it and shun you. In fact, it’s our duty as civilize human beings. I don’t want to “accept” fat people. I want them to stay far, far away from me. Their disgusting bodies and their disgusting attitudes piss me off.

    “It’s not my fault I’m fat! It’s my metabolism! It’s genetic! I eat just as many bacon double cheeseburgers as everyone else! I can’t help it! Weighing 300 pounds is totally healthy! The only way I could lose weight is to starve to death!”

    Give me a break. Eating 1 piece of bacon instead of 8 is not starvation.

    You eat much more than you need to, and you know it. You contribute to the starvation of others, to environmental destruction, to medical expenses, and then you have the audacity to criticize other people as “shallow” for disliking your greed. You blame everyone but yourself for your selfishness. Your fat is a reflection of your personality. Both are disgusting. I want to move to another country where there aren’t so many fat, lazy, ignorant people.

  24. mytwocentstoday Says:

    Obese people who talk constantly about food disgust me. I’m not an anorexic fat-hater either–I could stand to lose 20 or 25 pounds, and I’m working on that. But I have obese friends who will eat anything (whether they’re hungry or not), even as they complain about the taste. They usually order french fries instead of soup or salad, extra cheese, extra mayonnaise, and almost always request more bread ‘cos they’ve eaten everyone else’s share.

    It is nauseating to share a meal with these people. They wolf their food down almost without chewing, then order some fat-laden dessert and wolf that down, too. Sometimes they scavenge leftover food from other people’s plates as if they can’t bear to watch a morsel go to waste.

    Then these fat people have the gall to make disparaging comments about how other people look–as if they live in a house without mirrors. They need help, but just try to convince them of that!

  25. Alison Says:

    Just a quick question…How is it fair that the fire fighter injured his rotator cuff and had to have surgery because the person he was helping was too heavy? I would be pissed off at fat people too if I were him. Also, you can’t blame society for making you fat. I live in the same society as the rest of you. I weigh 105 lbs, 16.5% body fat and 36 years old. The difference is I opt out of fast-food and junk food. I prepare my own meals and I work out everday….I.E….not lazy.

  26. Matt Says:

    Bodyfat is extremely unattractive. It is a sign of poor breeding stock and can be undone by simple diet and exercise (ie self-control and determination). If someone is too self-righteous, stubborn, or apathetic to not work to look their best and take care of themselves, then they deserve the negative stigma and stereotypes that go alone with being “fat.”

    No one hates fat people, they simply have no respect for them. Some people have great genes, others just have to work for it. (and yes I’m one of the “others.”

  27. Vera Says:

    I was a naturally skinny person. I weighed 112 pounds and was active, but I didn’t have to work for it. I LOATHED fat people. I had the same basic line of thinking as most fat-haters here, “How could you let yourself get that big? What a lazy lard-ass!” Oh, I was mean to fat people. And then I was put on several different medications that caused me to gain weight. The first one, I gained 30 pounds in the month between my doctor’s visits. When they saw that, they took me off of it. Then they put me on another one that made my breasts leak milk. I was 17, and I had never been pregnant. (Try explaining that to your friends at school.) They eventually took me off of that. Then, they put me on a real gem, where I consistently gained 5 pounds or more a month, but they couldn’t understand why I was gaining weight. At this point I am FAT. I weigh about 185 pounds, and quite frankly, because I gained weight so quickly I have huge ass stretch marks on my thighs, stomach, and hips. Yay. Anyhow, I switch doctors (because I’m pretty sure if I don’t, I’m going to be 300 pounds by the time I’m 25), and you know, she told me the damndest thing. She told me that I had been misdiagnosed, and that there was no need for me to have ever taken any of those medications. She then informed me that the last one I was on would have undoubtedly caused me to be diabetic if I had continued on it for 5 years. Sometimes there really are extenuating circumstances that cause obesity. Yeah, I agree, it’s gross. But all of you fat-haters out there, maybe you should learn to love others before God sends you that lesson. I honestly believe that the reason I went through this entire ordeal was so that I could learn that people are worth more than what’s on the outside. Maybe you won’t get fat, but maybe it would be better if you did, so that you could come out on the other side and realize that all people deserve respect, no matter how they look. And honestly, I would rather have fat, ugly friends that actually gave a damn about me than have beautiful, skinny friends that are just hateful. Gluttony may be a sin, but then, so is pride.

  28. FuckTheHaters Says:

    Blah blah blah. Fat hatred has intensified because we refuse to see fat people as human beings with feelings. What do you see whenever you see a report about fat people? The very fat body part of a person and so many bad things said about it. Not once have we been shown fat people in a positive light. Only time you see fat people is when they are apologizing about their weight. Screw that.

    And newsflash, fat people are in fulfilling relationships with people of various sizes. It happens EVERY DAY. Quit the bullshit about “nobody finds fat people attractive.” Its a LIE.

    And then there’s the bullshit that thin = healthy. Right. I survived anorexia, and all along the way, I had people ENCOURAGE me to keep losing weight. Because being thin is teh BEST THING EVAR!!! NOT. I’d rather be fat than to ever be thin again.

  29. Michelle Says:

    To the person who said “Whats wrong with bettering urself and being healthy… overweight people disgust me… how can u get that way u dont just wake up and say omg im 50+ lbs overweight… no its lil by lil and after 20 lbs u should be like oh shit!!! but maybe im not very understanding since i had a baby and bouncedback to my original weight in 5 weeks on mcdonalds… my metabolism pities yours”

    YOU, my dear, are the reason that thin people think that fat people are incredibly lazy and eat constantly. You have a high metabolism, good for you! It’s like saying “I have small feet”. You can’t do a whole lot to change a metabolism like yours. Yes, I know you can speed it up with pills and special diets. But skinny people like you, who can eat hamburgers and lose weight, then turn around and yell at a fat person for having croutons on their salad, are the worst kind of human. How dare you brag about something you were born with, wave it as your “get out of jail free card” then blame others for not having it! This is JUST as bad as racism. If I followed your diet of McDonalds every day I would be the size of a house, but you actually lost weight. WHY ARE YOU BRAGGING ABOUT THIS AND TRYING TO MAKE OTHERS FEEL BAD? Fat people have to work at least twice as hard as anyone else to do anything. Once we lose weight, we have to do twice as much to keep it off. How about being kind to a fat person? The comments don’t help! But then, here’s the issue: If you didn’t have fat people to pick on, you would find someone else to harass. You sicken me!

  30. gina Says:

    This article’s been a real motivator over the last few years that I’ve been losing weight.

    In the end the fat haters can say all they want about health,. and I won’t believe them. I’m losing the weight for health, but even being obese all my health markers came back great on my last physical ( well d’s low but it’s winter in the NW so not much sun to be had). I can easily spend all day riding nearly 80 miles and after a nap on the bus trip home have the energy of a hyperactive preschooler. And that’s a bicycle , not a mobility scooter, kthanks.

    The way I see it, is there’s a large amount of people out there where being fat stirs up a hornets’ nest of negative emotions. Whether it’s rational or not, its such a strong trigger for them that maybe it’s kinder to them to get and stay thin. Sometimes you just have to do things to fit in (shrug). If all the Sneeches have stars this year might as well slap one on too, or remove it this year if I’m not too attached to it.

  31. Laurel Says:

    So I got to ask all these people: Do you do the exercises like this, yourself? Because if not, your being pretty hypocritical. Why tell someone to do something which you don’t do yourself? And if you are naturally thin, and say that is your reason for not doing it, then you are just as lazy as you feel/ claim these fat people must be.

    @ whoever’s comment: “understanding since i had a baby and bouncedback to my original weight in 5 weeks on mcdonalds… my metabolism pities yours”

    So you’re saying you eat at McDonolds after having a baby, and you’re actually BRAGGING/ Proud about this? Wow, if you didn’t have a high metabolism, you should be 450 pounds by now. You are not eating healthy or living healthy, unless you only ordered salads on their menu (which I doubt, but if not, we’ll add liar to your list. As you have written in a way for people to assume that it is unhealthy items).

    But yes, if you eat like that, and yet, you think other people should be healthy. How much of an egotistical, idiotic, and hypocritical can one person be?

  32. Donna Says:

    At Alison:

    I hate fast food, it tastes disgusting. I like healthy food, I weight-lift 1 1/2 hours a day, I walk 2 hours everyday, I under eat (I usually eat one and a half meals a day because school food is disgusting , and I am vegan. However, I am still overweight. My whole family is, on the girls side. And that is more then 5 generations back. I go to the Doctor regularly, and I’m always told that I am very healthy.

    The only health problems I have ever had in my entire life is a few colds, flues, and anemia because I had a low intake of iron due to being vegan.

    Every woman in my family is active, and has lived towards their 80’s-90’s. They only died because of burning buildings, or other freak accidents.

    How can you judge an entire group of people, without knowing an actual individual? Are you really that mean to people in real life, or only on the computer?

  33. Katie the 16 yr old Says:

    I’m overweight, always have been. No excuse, just born the fifth child so i guess my parents were just too tired to teach me good habits. You skinny fucks, youre so stupid and primal by making fun of over weight people. Primal because its your way of subconsciously getting fat people to kill themselves, eliminate the bad gene. And yes, some morbidly obese peoples behaviors are attrotious. grabbing food off your plate, drooling..s. But they get called fat all the time. Theyve built defence mechanisms. What you say to them has virtually no effect on them. But maybe, if you stopped being such a CUNT, you could encourage them to help themselves.. maybe share a couple tips. It sounds dumb, but nothing ever inspired me to lose weight like when my friend and i really just talked about my problem. I mean, thats something people never what to show empathy for. I just kept it bottled up inside and ignored it. But after just that one encouragement.. i lost 25 lbs, to be the 155 lbs that i am today. Its not like i was shoving food in my face. i was smoking a lot of pot, watching a lot of tv. i was too lazy to do my own homework. the only exercise i ever did was weed related. You dont have to eat a shit ton to become fat. I made it all the way up to 180 on small portions of ramen.. chips.. whatever my friends were willing to give me.. or that i was comfortable taking from them. I never even ate at home. nothing TO eat. When you spoiled thin pricks open your mouth, i just imagine a rich little brat bitching when theyve never seen a hard day in their life. Really? being surrounded by fat people is your biggest problem? Go fuck yourselves you cenceited fucks. Just because some people are obese because they had disgusting habits doesnt mean thats true for all of us. I was just lazy as hell, but when it came to eating i ate \less than 3 of you skeletons combined.

  34. Meow Says:

    Wow, some of the comments here are way off the mark. I’m amused at how overweight people are all thrown into the excessive eater category. That’s just not how it is…at all! How can you propose to know how every person got fat? It’s pretty disgusting to read such hateful comments, some of you people obviously have some other unresolved issues, which I suggest you try to solve as soob as you can. It’s certainly not HEALTHY to go through life with so much venom inside you. At the moment I am overweight due to a thyroid problem which has pretty much slowed my metabolism to a stop and has made me very unwell. I also had a gall bladder removal when I was 27 years old and weighed 10 stones, which now makes it extremely hard for my body to digest anything. People need to know that medical issues, as well as many other things, can also cause a person to be overweight. It is not fair to generalise and assume that every fat person eats like there’s no tomorrow, in fact I barely eat anything anymore due to said medical conditions. So please people…use your brains (if you have one) and THINK before you hate.

  35. Overcomer Says:

    Wow, whether thin or fat, why would anyone want to emulate such vulgar attitudes? Do you realize that there is nothing more ugly than a heart that chooses to hate and not help people? Don’t any of you venomous vipers realize that the hatred you feel in your hears spew out of your mouths is more deadly than any fat cell on any human body?? My God, who would want to be like any of you?? You kill the human soul with your tongues and you think you are healthy? You people who hate for whatever reason need psychiatric help!

  36. yvonne Says:

    So I read this article, I know it was written a while back but I needed to write something that recently happened to me. I was at the park doing sprints because I’m working hard to lose weight and become healthier, this is important to me. I had some guy after I was done ask me if he can give me advice I said sure. This is a very fit guy. He told me that with the weight I have on me I shouldn’t be out exercising. .. so if someone that is fat is out there working hard to lose weight why not tell them congratulations on trying to do something to lose the weight or say you are doing well. Instead of looking down on us fat people that are working hard to get themselves to a healthy weight you should give us encouraging words if not then dont say anything at all. This hurt me, it hurt my feelings, im working hard & someone put me down, realize that many fat people eat because of emotions, I am one of those people & instead of going to food for comfort I stayed strong & didnt allow that to sabotage my goals, I had a long talk with my sister after that instead & cried because that really hurt. So all I ask is to all you skinny fit people think about what you say before saying it because most of the time you are just sabotaging people when they are working hard ti get to a healthy weight. Also you never know if you may have a kid that has a weight issue in the future. You will think back about the horrible things you say, that iis just mental, emotional abuse. Shame on you

  37. ShameonFatness Says:

    To Katie the 16 Year Old,

    Katie, if you weren’t so foul-mouthed and pissed off maybe we would’ve respected fat people more. But it definitely seems like being fat is certainly a problem. To defend your fatness is like defending everybody’s desire to have diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, massive food consumption, etc.

    This all coming from a 5’5 90-100 pound man. So get over yourself…!

  38. cc Says:

    To the fat haters- Most skinny people are extremely rude and SUPERFICIAL and negative- They judge people based on appearance yet they have their own insecurity issues, quite hypocritical! Some of them aren’t even thin due to hard work they are thin only cause of genetics, not cause they actually worked for it- they seriously look like they came out of a jewish concentration camp. Most thin people don’t even look good naked, they have very low muscle mass and tend to be pretty weak, oh well! If they are hated its because they are mean and hating on people based appearance and wonder why its coming back to them – which makes them stupid as well!

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