Tempted By McDonald’s?

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If you are tempted to eat some McDonald’s food, here are a couple of videos that might put you off your Big Mac.

This first video is of Morgan Spurlock, testing what McDonald’s food looks like when you just leave it to rot. ALL food looks disgusting when it is rotting, but if you’re tempted by a Quarter Pounder, this might change your mind.

I wouldn’t put it past Spurlock to have switched out those fries to make us believe that they lasted that long without decay. Other people have tried this experiment as well and have gotten VERY different results.

Still gross, though. McDonald’s food isn’t any worse than other food. The fact that they are a little slower to grow mold and decay actually points to a cleanlier cooking environment and lack of moisture in the food.

However, if you’re tempted to eat a Big Mac when it isn’t part of your program, watching these videos might give you the strength to abstain.


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