You Can Always Be Number One

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Splashdance at Amazon.comI am swimming in nostalgia. I found Mickey Mouse’s Splashdance album on Amazon’s MP3 downloads. My sister, Stacey, and I listened to that album SO many times. I could almost sing all the songs by heart.

I can’t express how much this album means to me. This song, You Can Always Be Number One, sounds like an ABBA rip off. Sometimes I find myself singing it to myself, especially when I’m not doing well in some sport I’m trying. You can hear the song here:

The lyrics to the chorus are SO good:

You can always be number one.
You can always be a winner.
Even if you’ve played the game for years
And you play like a beginner.

You can always be number one.
Let Goofy show you how.
Don’t hide your face when you miss a point.
Get up and take a bow.

The whole idea of the song is that trying to play a sport and failing is WAY better than never trying. Because of this song, I have always been willing to try things. Even when I’m falling down, over and over, I remember Goofy and this song and keep trying.

This song was the theme song for Sport Goofy, here are the closing credits that include that song.

Sport Goofy was a series of cartoons that Disney did. Goofy would try a sport, have clumsy problems, but still try. Here is a good example in which Goofy buys a home gym.

Goofy just keeps on trying, no matter what happens. Thanks, Disney, for keeping me willing to try anything no matter how clumsy I am. Trying and failing is ALWAYS better than never trying at all.


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  1. Stephen Treadwell Says:

    I wish I could find the rest of the lyrics somewhere.

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