Wii Workout: Toy Story Mania

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Toy Story Mania at Amazon.comNot since Raymond Raving Rabbids have my arms hurts so much. Last weekend while we were out shopping, Mike and I bought a little gift for ourselves, Toy Story Mania! for the Wii.

I wouldn’t classify it as an exergame, but it’s so addictively fun that Mike and I played well past the point of pain. I wanted to play more, but my arms couldn’t take anymore pointing, shooting, twirling or shaking. Here’s a video showing some highlights from the game.

This commercial is a little misleading because it shows the entire family of four playing with 3D glasses on, but the game only comes with two sets of glasses. Maybe if you buy the game twice, the whole family can play. Or, you can just swipe the glasses from your Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D DVD. They’ll work just fine.

More importantly, Mike and I haven’t been able to find the 3D games yet. Honestly, the user interface leaves a little to be desired, but the game is so addictive that we muscled past the difficulty of learning how to navigate the menus.

I was hoping it was as fun as riding the Toy Story Midway Mania ride at Disney’s California Adventure. If you’ve never been on that ride, then here is a walkthrough the Disney World version to introduce you to it. This video is LONG because it shows the walk through the line (past Mr. Potato Head) and the entire ride. Fast forward to 5:50 to see the game part of the video.

The video game is actually BETTER than the ride at Disneyland because you can have as many tries as you need to get it right. Each game has a series of goals that you should achieve (i.e. breaking several submarine plates or hitting the golden plate on the airplane), so working on those goals together with your partner is fun. You also have individual scores, so you can beat your friend as well as work with them to achieve your goals.

The closest to exergaming that Toy Story Mania came to was the game with Hamm (the pig) where you are supposed to stand up and do what he does. Unfortunately, he’s a pig and it was VERY difficult to realize what he was doing. They should have used Jesse, Buzz or Woody for that game so we could visualize what they wanted. Let’s be honest. When a pig does jumping jacks, it does NOT look like jumping jacks.

Mike and I have LOVED this game and we’re eagerly awaiting the day that they come out with a Buzz Lightyear game.


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