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This performance of Kings Firecrackers at the U.S. Naval Academy in April 2009, it freakin’ amazing! It’s long (a little over seven minutes), but totally worth watching!

The standing ovation is WELL deserved! Next time you are feeling like you just can’t get up the energy to exercise, pull up this video to watch and get inspired!

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  1. Rona Y Says:

    That was pretty amazing. I didnt see a single mistake! I can’t imagine the hours that went into practising that routine. Kudos to them for finding a fun way to be active!

    But surely I can’t be the only person who feels somewhat disturbed that there are almost no visible minorities anywhere in that video, not even in the audience (I think I saw two people, but that’s it). I’d feel terribly out-of-place if I were to walk into that building, and it would certainly discourage me from becoming more involved in such an activity.

    There must be fun videos out there that encourage people of all ethnicities to become more active??

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