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Save your salad plateYou would think it’s such an easy thing to do. Just ask for a to-go box before you finish your meal. Ask the server to bring the to-go box with your entree so you can eat half as much. Yeah, it sounds so easy.

Unfortunately, they ALWAYS forget.

The server forgets to bring my to-go box, so I ask for one and just sit there and wait for five minutes while they get around to bringing me one. It happens EVERY time and I end up eating a cold meal and hating my server in the end.

Two weeks ago, however, I did something a little different. Sure, I asked for the to-go box with my entree, but I also saved my salad plate. I put it on the far side of the table and when the server tried to take it away I stopped him. When he inevitably forgot my to-go box, I just cut my meal in half and put it on the salad plate instead.

Because the second half of the food was on the salad plate, it felt like it had been contaminated by the salad dressing, so I wasn’t even tempted to pick at it.

In the end, that inept waiter never did bring my to-go box, but this time, I left the restaurant perfectly happy.

Dinner setting via: Lisa Strachan – Handbuilt Porcelain Dinnerware


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  1. Kayla Says:

    Bring your own reusable box! I work as a server and I love it when people are mindful and do this. No more wasting paper or worse, styrofoam.

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