Starling Fitness is a Gold’s Gym Approved Blog

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Gold's Gym Approved BlogI’m pretty excited about the news that Gold’s Gym has chosen Starling Fitness as one of its approved blogs. That might not sound like a big deal, but they’ve only chosen six blogs, so I’m feeling pretty happy about it. You can see the list here:

They’re trying to choose blogs that promote healthy weight, exercise and lifestyle, so it’s no wonder Starling Fitness fits in there. Of course, I haven’t really exercised regularly at a gym for years. I ended up bringing the treadmill, exercise bike and weight bench to the new house and we have our own gym now. Even when we were incredibly short on square footage, we managed to fit the treadmill into a corner of the house.

Whether you exercise at a gym or at home, the important thing is to workout regularly. It’s nice to know that Gold’s Gym agrees with that philosophy.


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  1. Hugo Says:

    It is so good to see all your hard work rewarded. Well done!

  2. Valerie Says:

    Wow yes I have heard of Gold’s gym 🙂



  3. Renee Says:


  4. Joe Says:


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