Pepsi for LIGHT Refreshment?!

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This old advertisement made my blood boil a little.

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It reads:

Figures show the modern taste is for light refreshment

One look at this modern hostess’s sillhouette and you can just about guess the kind of thing she keeps in that refrigerator.

You’d know it must be stocked with the lighter, less filling foods that make up the diet of the world’s most attractive people today.

That’s how they keep those slender waistlines. How they stay so young-looking year after year. Why they feel so good, so fit for all the activities, all the fun modern living has to offer.

And it is to suit their modern taste that today’s Pepsi-Cola is reduced in calories. Never heavy, never too sweet, it refreshes without filling.

Have a Pepsi, the modern, the light refreshment.

This old ad suggests that Pepsi is the reason the woman pictured is so thin and “young-looking.” After years of realizing that sugar-filled soda is making people FATTER, this advertisement seems crazy.

Whenever I see ads today saying that their products make you lose weight or appear slimmer, I look at them with my 1940’s eyes. New commercials are lying to me just like they have been lying for years. Don’t believe the products that are advertised to help you lose weight. They are just as bogus as this old Pepsi ad.

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