How To Eat Pho Tai Soup

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How To Eat Pho Tai Soup

Pho Tai (pronounced fa tie) is a Vietnamese beef and noodle soup. It is usually an inexpensive meal that is also pretty healthy if you can find a restaurant that uses healthy oil.

How To Eat Pho Tai Soup

When you order it, the first thing to arrive is a plate of veggies. It usually includes bean sprouts, cilantro, basil, limes and green chili peppers. When your bowl of soup arrives, you get to choose what to add to the soup. I am always eager to increase my vegetable intake, so I usually throw everything in (I go easy on the green chilies). I figure that the more veggies, the better. I do pull the leaves off the basil and cilantro stems before I add them to my soup because it makes it easier to eat. I squeeze in both limes. Sometimes I even drop in the limes after squeezing in the juice to add a little more citrus flavor.

How To Eat Pho Tai SoupThe wait staff should also bring in a small tray of spicy sauces as well (or maybe it was already at your table when you were seated). My favorite is the oily pepper sauce in the middle. It is very strong, so make sure to be conservative when you start out. There usually is Sriracha, which is a spicy chili sauce that tastes a little different. Part of the reason I love Pho is because I can make it as spicy as I want.

Once you’ve added all the veggies and spices, stir the soup with your chopsticks or fork. If you prefer to use a fork and your restaurant didn’t provide one, feel free to ask. It’s better to enjoy your meal than suffer with awkward eating utensils.

The beef is thinly sliced and placed into the boiling hot soup raw, so make sure you stir your soup thoroughly until the meat is cooked to your liking. The soup will be really hot, so make sure you be careful when you take a bite.

Lean meat, fresh veggies and healthy oil make for a filling an healthy meal. I usually count 7 points for the soup, 2 points for the healthy oil and 0 points for all those crispy vegetables. Next time you drive past a strip mall, be on the lookout for a Pho Noodle shop and take a moment to drop by. You will find a new food that us fun to eat and healthy for your body!


6 Responses to “How To Eat Pho Tai Soup”

  1. Ernie Says:

    I love Pho! I’ve always wondered about the Points, though.

  2. Jim Says:

    The article title read “How To Eat…”. I wound up wearing a bowl of Pho on my shirt for the umpteenth time today. I thought I was going to learn a trick :).

    I love the stuff. I get mine at a local place that uses a no trans oil. They make the spring rolls with rice paper and don’t fry them too. Very low fat. An awesome and filling lunch.

  3. Jenn Ramos Says:

    Pho Tai and Shrimp Spring Rolls are my favorite thing to eat EVER! I’m so glad to hear it’s also pretty healthy [=

  4. Laughing Lion Says:

    MMM…this dish sounds amazing! I will definitely try it out!

  5. Michele Says:

    Ahhh, Pho. The BEST thing to eat when you feel a little cold coming on. I’m convinced that the chili oil (AKA “godsauce” cuz sometimes it makes you feel like you’ve seen god) and jalepeno scare away all the germs. Sooooo good!

  6. Morgan Says:

    I love pho, I’m glad you actually pronounce it right. It is my pet peeve to hear it pronounced “foe”. To the person who talked about spring rolls, spring rolls should always be wrapped in rice paper and never ever fried. Egg rolls are fried.

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