Honesty: Working Out Isn’t Fun, But It’s Worth It

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Shia Le BuffI saw this photo of Shia Lebeouf in People magazine today and it made me realize something.

No matter how fit or thin someone is, working out isn’t that fun.

The look on Shia’s face shows just how difficult a hard run can be. Even though he is ripped and buff (or “Le Buff,” as they say), the photographer caught him in the middle of a HARD run. Anyone who looks at him KNOWS that this very difficult run is WORTH it. He looks awesome, even though he is struggling.

Sure, there are some easy runs. There are times when the same workout at the same pace on the same trail feels fun, easy and enjoyable. There are other times when it’s just an uncomfortable chore. So, why do we do it?

I exercise for a lot of reasons:

  • To lose weight: Honestly, this is the most important reason I exercise. I just don’t want to be fat anymore.
  • To be healthy: Exercise, even when it’s hot and uncomfortable, strengthens my muscles, heart and bones.
  • To be strong: When I’m at Yellowstone Park and find myself on a trail that’s three miles longer than we thought it was going to be, I can finish that hike strong because I get my butt on my treadmill every day.
  • To make myself less crazy: Working out keeps me sane. When I’m fighting the crazy, working out is MUCH more difficult, but I would lose myself in the quagmire of depression without it.

Working out is hard, but worth it.I’d love to just sit here and say that working out is all fun and roses. I’d love to say that the elusive Runner’s High is a daily component of my exercise routine, but it’s NOT. See that look on Shia’s face? That’s not the face of the rumored sheer bliss of endorphins. That’s pain and work and squinting against the summer sun in order to keep his endurance and six pack abs at their best. The next time you’re thinking of cutting your workout short or taking it slow when your plan calls for a difficult workout, think of Shia Lebeouf duking it out against the heat and smog of a Los Angeles summer. If he can do it, so can you!


2 Responses to “Honesty: Working Out Isn’t Fun, But It’s Worth It”

  1. Katie Says:

    It’s good to know someone else out there doesn’t get the “high” from working out. I can feel the rush for about 15 to 20 minutes after, and then it drops/crashes. I thought it was because of my thyroid, but maybe it is just normal and the people who claim a sustained “high” are manics in their peak phase. 🙂

  2. Elaine Says:

    That’s the look of a guy who needs to stop and buy some sunglasses already! 🙂

    My bike ride can be a bit of a slog in the dark rainy winter, but I have to admit that almost all the rest of the time it is a genuine source of pleasure. The rush-crash does happen to me sometimes, usually on my morning ride. I’m often not quite awake, and then the joy of the ride wakes me up, but once I sit down at my desk it ebbs away. Most other times of the day the happy vibes tend to stick around.

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