Felicia Day Tries Out Xbox Project Natal

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When I first saw Project Natal, flashbacks of trying to get Playstation’s Eye Toy to work filled my mind. The disappointment of a new toy that doesn’t work was all I could think about.

It just looked like a marketing ploy and I had no hope that it would work.

Then I saw this video of Felicia Day playing with Project Natal:

Just found this video of me doing Natal. It was pretty much the highlight of my E3. It is so fun and surreal to be IN the video game. Can’t wait to be able to cast a fireball with a single thrust!

Felicia Day is a long time World of Warcraft gamer, so I tend to believe her opinion a little more than the marketing spiel I saw from Microsoft, until…

I noticed that they have her playing on a white carpet in front of a white wall. How many of you have a stark white wall to stand in front of when you’re playing a video game? Not me. The video games are in the living room, so I’m standing in front of a couch. Sure, it’s easy for Project Natal to be able to see Felicia’s movements when she’s standing in front of a big white wall. Throw a couch and some friends on it and once again, I have SERIOUS doubts about whether this thing could work.

People have been saying that Project Natal is going to give the Nintendo Wii a run for their money in the exergaming market. I’d love for it to be true, but I think we’re going to have to wait ten years before technology is good enough for this to work in any living room.


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