Rachel Ray Eats Her Feelings

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This video was made by BenjaminLotan. His description of it:

Compilation of Rachel Ray mmmmm’ing after tasting food on her show 40 dollars a Day… slowed down to 40% original speed…

All of the shows on the Food Network seem strangely obsessed with food. I know it’s the Food Network, but come ON! It can’t taste THAT good! Of course then there are some of the shows on the Food Network, where the insanely skinny hostess tastes all the food, but you never see her swallow on camera. I just imagine that she spits it out as soon as the camera stops rolling.

This obsession with food CAN’T be healthy.

Via: Littlest, Yellowest, Differentest – RACHEL RAY EATS HER FEELINGS


2 Responses to “Rachel Ray Eats Her Feelings”

  1. Katie Says:

    haha, watching all of her “yum poses” together, its more obvious when she fakes it!

  2. Kim Says:

    She rolls her eyes to the back of her head like she’s having an (not sure if the word is appropriate for the website but I know you know what I mean.)

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