Family Walks in the Evening

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my view of our family walk by sassyseltzer from FlickrLaura: Hey Matt! What are you doing to keep fit?

Matt: Me? What do I do?

Laura: Yeah, you look fit. What are you doing to stay fit?

Matt: I’m taking a lot of long walks in the evenings.

Laura: Alone or with the family?

Matt: With the family. After an hour long walk with a twenty pound baby, you really feel it. I’m doing a lot of low intensity exercise because on The Splendid Table on NPR had a show about how a lot of low intensity is better than high intensity.

It’s funny. When I just ask normal people in my life how they are keeping healthy and fit, I learn more about about living a healthy life. Long walks with the family sounds like the most wonderful way to keep fit.


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  1. angela Says:

    Yeah, carrying the kids makes it harder. My son has been pushing me to go for walks because he started riding his bike more and we got a new stroller he’s excited about. So I skipped the treadmill at the gym today knowing a family walk will happen at some point.

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