Judge’s 5K Run

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Yesterday, I walked the Judge’s 5K Run with people from my Weight Watchers class.

Judge's 5K Run by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Our leader, Gina, had told us to meet at the northeast corner of the parking lot so we could all keep together. Here’s a photo of all of us together. Our Weight Watchers leader, Gina, is on the right. She has been at goal for years. On the left is Jim, he has lost over 100 pounds on Weight Watchers and he is looking great!

Judge's 5K Run by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Before they started the race, they had some radio personalities talking and they interviewed Miss Utah. She was running the race with us all.

Judge's 5K Run by LauraMoncur from Flickr

My only thought was, “Is she going to run the race wearing that crown?” For the record, she did not. When she passed me I pointed it out that she wasn’t wearing her crown and she said, “I ran my first race with the crown and that didn’t work out.” Good to know. Next time I run a race, I’ll make sure to leave the tiara at home.

I used RunKeeper to track the run, so you can see the map of the race here.

Of course, I wanted to use the miles for the run to compete in my weekly Nike+ Challenges, so I ALSO tracked the walk with my Nike+. I love how RunKeeper maps my walks, but I also love how I can kick some serious butt in the weekly challenges with Nike+. For now, I’m measuring my runs TWICE and carrying both my iPod and my cell phone. Until Nike allows cool features like the RunKeeper site, I won’t be able to use just the Nike+. Until RunKeeper adds the fun connectivity of racing against other RunKeeper users, I won’t be able to use just the RunKeeper. I’m stuck between them both.

I had a lot of fun at this 5K walk because my friends from Weight Watchers were there with me. I can’t wait for our July 5K!


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  1. Dawn Says:

    Way to go! Running with friends is always a plus!

  2. peter stirba Says:

    Thank you so much for participating. We had a great event this year and contributed 10k from the race to Huntsman Cancer Institute. This was possible because of folks like you who participated. Thank so much. See you next year!

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