Newsweek Takes On Oprah’s Dubious Health Advice

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Oprah: Crazy Talk! by ask curly from FlickrThis in depth article from Newsweek talks about Oprah and her dubious and sometimes conflicting health advice.

This is Oprah’s special brilliance. She is a gifted entertainer, but she makes it seem as though that is beside the point. Oprah is not here to amuse you, she is here to help you. To help you understand your feelings; drop those unwanted pounds; look and feel younger; get your thyroid under control; to smooth your thighs, nip and tuck your wrinkles, awaken your senses and achieve spiritual tranquility so that you can at last be free to “Live Your Best Life.”

This is where things get tricky. Because the truth is, some of what Oprah promotes isn’t good, and a lot of the advice her guests dispense on the show is just bad. Some of the many experts who cross her stage offer interesting and useful information (props to you, Dr. Oz). Others gush nonsense. Oprah, who holds up her guests as prophets, can’t seem to tell the difference. She has the power to summon the most learned authorities on any subject; who would refuse her? Instead, all too often Oprah winds up putting herself and her trusting audience in the hands of celebrity authors and pop-science artists pitching wonder cures and miracle treatments that are questionable or flat-out wrong, and sometimes dangerous.

I’m glad that someone is willing to mention that sometimes Oprah doesn’t give the best advice. She is so beloved by so many that it’s hard to suggest that she might not be an authority. She’s not a doctor and MORE importantly, she’s not YOUR doctor. She is a talk show host. She is producing a television show for ENTERTAINMENT. Don’t get your medical advice from a talk show.

I truly believe that Oprah wants to help people, but she is easily fooled by the many people out there just eager to make a quick dollar. All it takes is a MENTION of something on the Oprah show to make it immediately sell out. I believe Oprah has raised the bar of daytime television so high that we have forgotten that in the end, she’s just a talk show host, not some infallible goddess.

Via: Consumer Health Digest, June 4, 2009


6 Responses to “Newsweek Takes On Oprah’s Dubious Health Advice”

  1. angela Says:

    I don’t even watch her show, and it true you should get medical advice from a doctor only. Same goes for Dr. Phil…as for him, I don’t see taking diet advice from a chubby man who obviously hasn’t figured it out for himself.

  2. Misty Says:

    I received the journal–thank you very much! Just on flip-through I am impressed with the quality of it, and am looking forward to starting to use it after my baby is born (which could be any day now!). Thanks again!

  3. Katie Says:

    I guess I have always perceived Oprah as a person relating her journey and curiosities in life, not necessarily doling out facts and advice. I don’t agree with some of her outlooks, but her show seems so much like “a day at the spa”, with Oprah at the center gossiping away! I wonder what Oprah did to Newsweek, maybe she snubbed an invite or something…

  4. Brenda Says:

    I read the article and it is scary when you read about the far-out advice that is passing for good medical advice.

  5. Kim Says:

    I agree. Dr. Oz is right on and when he’s on the show I listen. I know what he is saying is true because I learned a lot of what he says in my anatomy, biology, and human musculature classes.

  6. Nancy D Says:

    I am sure many people look up to Oprah but they must also have realized how her weight loss attempts and fluctuations can also not be good for her. Get medical advice and get exercising there are so many people who offer advice but we are all different and there is no one right choice.

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