Why Do Skinny People Hate Fat People?

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The Diet Blog posted this message from their community forums the other day:

I am over weight and I am a very friendly, kind nice person and I notice that when I go to church or to the store people don’t seem to want to be around me. I take care of myself I have very nice clothes and I get my hair done. I just don’t get why beautiful people can’t talk to or be friends with me. I know that I am fat & maybe I am ugly, but I just don’t understand.

I have noticed this behavior with some people, but it’s very rare. Some skinny people DO hate fat people, but they are the exception, not the rule.

So what is this woman experiencing at church or at the store? Did she fall into a den of fat haters, or is there something else going on?

I don’t know, but personally, I have found that if I’m friendly with people and expect them to treat me nicely, that’s usually how they treat me. That was true when I was fat and that was true when I was at my thinnest.

When I was in high school, I suffered from the disease, Blame The Fat. Everything that went wrong in my life, I blamed on being fat. I wasn’t even fat back then, but if anything wasn’t absolutely perfect, I blamed it on my fat. Junior year, I dated a guy named Sean. I liked him and it seemed like he liked me. He was a sophomore and we were both friends with Clark. We went to a dance together, but soon afterward, he broke up with me. I immediately assumed it was because I was “fat.”

After a month of starvation dieting, I was skinnier than ever, but Sean still didn’t want anything to do with me. Finally, I asked Clark if he knew what happened. Clark said that Sean didn’t like the fact that I was older and had a car. He felt embarrassed that he couldn’t drive me to the dance and that I had to drive them.

I sat in my desk in our Literary Magazine office and didn’t say a word. I was thinner than I had ever been in high school and Clark was telling me that my old boyfriend broke up with me because I had the gall to drive us to the dance. I imagine I must have frozen up for a second or two while I absorbed the information.

It had nothing to do with my fat.

I don’t know why the people in that woman’s church are stand-offish, but I am nearly certain that it isn’t because she’s fat. I could think of a half a dozen other reasons why they don’t associate with her.

  • They get new people all the time who don’t stick around, so they don’t accept new visitors into the fold until they’ve stuck around for a year or so.
  • They assume that someone else has befriended them.
  • There is a committee that is supposed to fellowship new members, but it isn’t doing its job. The people who weren’t picked to be on the committee are bitter and angry. They think, “It’s not my job.”
  • They figure she came to the church because she knows someone there.
  • They are jealous of her nice clothes and perfect hair. They think she thinks she’s too good for them.
  • She seems so shy and insecure that they don’t want to make her feel even MORE uncomfortable by making her talk to strangers.

The only way to know for sure is to ASK. Back in high school, I didn’t have the balls to ask my ex boyfriend why he didn’t want to date me anymore, so I asked his buddy. Now, as a grown-up, I’m perfectly willing to ask anyone to their face. Want to know what I find out? It’s quite surprising:

  • I don’t hate you. I’ve been really preoccupied because my husband got laid off…
  • You think I hate you? God, I barely even know you!
  • Yeah, I hate you. You’re so loud and obnoxious. I wish you would just shut the bleep up.

Most people like me. Some people hate me. Not one person has said, “I just don’t like to be seen with you because you’re so fat.” Even when I’ve been at my fattest. It’s NEVER about the fat. It’s ALWAYS about something else. There are a very small minority of people who hate fat people, but they don’t have any where near the power over your life as your own mind and attitude. The next time it feels like someone is snubbing you because you are fat, catch yourself. You’ve come face to face with the disease, Blame The Fat. Don’t let it conquer your mind. Keep being friendly and open to everyone and you will open far more doors than a skinny butt ever could.


31 Responses to “Why Do Skinny People Hate Fat People?”

  1. Katie Says:

    Great topic! Actually I do know someone who is biased against overweight people and its amazing some of the things coming from her mouth! I have noticed some people who are very very competitive in nature will find “thin spots” in another person’s or groups armor, and start scratching. I think it is a way for them to fill their need to WIN or be seen as better than ___, and they can fall back into some pretty juvenile attitudes.

  2. Lonnie Says:

    I don’t hate fat people – but I do get upset with the fact that many just do not care what it is doing to our medical and insurance system, not to mention – endangering the lives of many.

    As a firefighter, I am called upon almost daily to help lift obese people who have just got to low to the ground that they cannot get themselves up. No other reason except they are just to big to lift themselves. I tore out a rotator on one of these lifts, and had to have sugary to get it fixed.

    Obese people rent jet skis at lakes and when they fall off, they cannot get back on because they are to big to maneuver. Then the lake rangers have to try and pull them aboard the boats – risking all sorts of injuries due to the sheer weight.

    It is time for people to get a clue. Not only are obese people heading for heart and diabetes problems, but are risking the welfare of many a medical worker, as well as others.

  3. Jonathan Says:

    I’m sorry, fat people are disgusting. Humans were not intended to carry so much weight on their bodies. It sickens me to see so many Americans defending their fatness and acting as if it is natural. As the firefighter mentioned earlier, they are stressing our healthcare system, costing us billions of dollars, and lowering the quality of life for millions of people. It also seems to be an American phenomenon. Especially those who find it easier to accept their unhealthy lifestyle then to get off the couch, eat responsibly and excercise. I know that some characteristics of weight are genetic, but a person gentically predisposed to be heavier CAN and SHOULD be even more carefull about what they eat and how much they excercise. Those two things will ALWAYS work. The most shocking part of this whole discussion is the fact that so many overwieght Americans would rather make excuses for their fatness and blankly accept their “fate” rather then try to better themselves and become healthy. It really is easier to accept that you can’t change, instead of exercising some willpower and actually changing.

  4. Thipw Says:

    I am not hugely obese, but I do have afew extra pounds to lose. I HATE when skinny people talk about how easy it is to lose weight. It is hard very hard. I lost 50 pounds b4, and it was not based on a few simple rules. It takes more self control and discipline than some of you can imagine. If it was that simple, who would b fat. The way some people talk, it is easier to lose it than gain it. If that is the case, I challenge you to gain 50 pounds, and then just shed it with your awesome self control. SOme people give up becuase it is like staring at a mountain everyday. Until you go through it, stfu and just encourage someone. It is the battle of a lifetime for some.

  5. Londonne Says:

    It’s really funny how these people are saying that fat people disgust them but you know some skinny people disgust me because of what some of them are saying.You think fat people are lazy? I know skinny people who are just as lazy but have a higher metabolism so they just burn their weight off and some big people who workout but don’t have a high metabolism so it’s harder. Like the person above said you all say “oh it’s easy I can’t understand why they can’t lose the weight” but until you are in our situation you would not know how it is because it’s like a drug addict trying to stop smoking and a alcoholic trying to stop drinking. It’s something that’s going to take time but overtime people can and will accomplish what they have to despite what people have to say. I can’t stop people from thinking and feeling the way they feel but please do not say fat people are lazy because alot of us big people are exercising and trying to lose that weight and we wouldn’t be able to do that if we was lazy.

  6. Sully Says:

    Fat people are discusting. I am the only skinny one out of a family of six. Ever since I was about ten years old I told myself I would never become fat or obese. Their are so few things you can control in this world and this is the most important one. I am now twenty five and worry about my wait everday. I hate when fat people say how easy it is for skinny people to lose weight, especially because I worry about what I eat and how much I work out more than any overweight person. This fat chick at my work constantly gives me shit about what I eat for lunch, usually a salad while she engulfs her fast food daily. She doesn’t understand why she is single and nobody wants to hang out with her, well skinny people that is. Simply put being fat has got to be one of the worst feeling on earth. I think the reason the people at her church won’t talk to her is because she is fat. Its a special club. Which I plan on being a part of my whole life. Your either in our out. If you ever become skinny you will see how much skinny people talk behind fat peoples back. Its kind of fun. At least we don’t have to pretend like it not a serious problem, which we have been saying it is for a long time now. Change your mind, change your body.

  7. Christina Says:

    This is what i believe… no one has to listen or respect what i say. i’m overweight and have been since the age of 3. not because my parents fed me junk food and not because i snuck an extra cook; because it’s how my body shape is. i’m adopted but my biological brothers are overweight and my birth mom is slightly. i have tried everything in the book and nothing works. my friend and i did a little experiment one time… we both had the same meals for two weeks and at the end of that two weeks she had lost weight and i went up a pound. people who are around me are quite surprised my eating habits. i think mcdonalds is greasy and disgusting. if i’m forced to go there i get the best thing i can find on the menu. i’ve been on weight watchers and everything you could think of. i have a gym membership, too. i also have a hormonal imbalance that could be one of the small reasons on why it is so hard for me. it makes me so sad to read stuff like this because of you people i hide myself in big clothes. i don’t want to “hang my fat out” just because i’m too scared someone will judge me. i wont wear jeans with out wearing a sweatshirt because i hate the way it looks when i sit down. i’ve had people make fun of me who didn’t even know me. i’ve had people walk by me and say “wow how disgusting” and i’ve had people call me gross who have only known me for two seconds. it’s people like this that make people hate themselves and i can’t help to think the same thing. i don’t like myself and i think i’m ugly. i’m really not even that overweight. i think my face is pretty. i actually have a really cute boyfriend who loves me for who i am, which is really hard to come by. he feels my pain and hate when i get made fun of. i’m nice to every person in my life because i don’t want them to dislike me and then have a reason to call me fat. the only store i really shop at is american eagle because of their extended sizes. i’m sorry people like me disgust you i’m human just like everyone else. i have feelings too. just because you see an overweight person walk down the street don’t assume you know their story. everyone is beautiful, even if that beauty may be on the inside. it’s sad that there are people sitting alone and no one will give them a chance to show that beauty. open your eyes, people like you don’t help. i’m 18 years old, i have a lot of friends. i’m not gross, i shower, i eat right… not everyone is the same. i’m not trying to get pity, i don’t need it. i’m happy with my life and i’d much rather be the way i am then unhappy and hating life and being skinny.

  8. Lorraine Says:

    People who are big have differing reasons for being so, so do people who smoke or drink.

    I am a compulsive eater who has managed (with great difficulty) to keep the weight off to a large extent. I could not have a relationsip with a fat person because that would make life difficult for someone with my problem. Also I would happily admit that I am not attracted to fat men, that’s a personal preference. But to sit in judgement and pour scorn on a fat person and call them digusting is out of order. This type of behaviour is more likely to exacerbate the problem. Believe me!! Plenty of people are “putting strain” on our health system with their drunken “fun” nights out and idiotic behaviour, unplanned pregnancies, cosmetic surgeries, IVF, stupid accidents at home and generally not dying when their alloted time arrives etc. How do we feel about that?

  9. Kristena Says:

    Well, I’m very skinny, I take very good care of myself. And I have Beauty and Brains. My brother is REALLY over weigh. I hate how he doesn’t take care of himself, and it bugs me so much. as a child I grew up around him, and the way he takes care of himself, and the way he’s not allowed to eat fatty foods anymore because of he’s weight scares me. Now, every time I see a “larger” person. I tend to see them as disgusting, bad attitude, (and all of the tihings my brother is). (Which I’m sure is not true). but that’s how my mind works because of my brother. I know, I am a terrible person.

  10. Flippant Says:

    Guess that answers THAT question. Yes…some folks DO hate fat people! Hah!

  11. Mary Says:

    Everyone in life has their own struggles. Unfortunately, people who are overweight often have their struggles on public display while others may be able to hide behind a seemingly perfect exterior. No one loves food enough to eat themselves into the kind of extreme obesity that prevents a person from carrying around their own weight; people have who are overweight are struggling with something, and whatever that thing may be, it isn’t fair nor it is right for other to hate them on the basis of that one issue alone.

    Moreover, as evidenced by the comments posted here today, the amount of ignorance in this world is truly astounding. I would rather be fat than stupid, because stupidity is something that can never be changed.

    Lonnie: If you don’t want to a job with a higher risk of physical injury than most, perhaps you picked the wrong field. If you don’t genuinely care about the people you are helping, I suggest you find another job that is suited to your minute level of intelligence.

    Jonathan: The most shocking part of this discussion is the disgusting nature of your heart. Your personality really sucks, dude. Watch out: Karma is a bitch.

    Katy: The only thing that is underweight in America seems to be the weight of your brain. But if you want to continue hating go right ahead: it only ends up eating your own soul in the end.

    Sully: I’m so glad that you worry about your “wait” everyday. I’d be horrified to know that you might actually be wasting your time trying to think about things that really matter, or even trying to use the correct spelling of elementary words like disgusting. Good luck on continuing the rest of your life with minimal literacy skills.

    To the others that posted their brave struggles – I can guarantee you that skinny people struggle this hard in life as well, but with a different set of issues. Such is life. Best of luck and all the best.

  12. DJ Says:

    Sully, learn how to spell. It’s spelled W-E-I-G-H-T, not “w-a-i-t.” And take a clue from Londonne’s comment. There are many biological reasons why people are overweight, and believe me, it is NOT as simple as just deciding you are not going to become overweight or take control of your weight. It requires immense behavior modification, similar to that of quitting smoking, drinking, or addictive drugs. Do all of you people who just “hate” fat people really think that these people say to themselves “Hmm… you know what would be REALLY FUN? I’m going to get fat! I’m going to get so big that it is difficult to buy clothes and fit into airplane seats and do many activities, get myself into a whole mess of health problems and risk early death, and cost health insurance millions of dollars. YEAH!! FUN!!” It’s time to look deeper into why you have such image issues and look to take out your anger on people who have never sought to harm you. Maybe you had abusive familial or other relationships that left you scarred and with hatred towards yourself. And yes, maybe you had a bad experience with an obese person who is ignorant and not doing what he/she can to control it, I know these people do exist. But they are NOT the majority of us, so please stop the onslaught and let us all get along!

  13. Ben Says:

    I wouldn’t know, but I guess it’s the shame of being fat that causes fat people to make up so many excuses for their indulgent lifestyles and excessive critical mass. The reason why skinny, athletic, muscular people all hate fat people is because you constantly villainize every healthy group of individuals in a desperate attempt to justify your gluttonous lifestyle and resultant unattractive and unhealthy physique. There is no upside to being fat, it is a drain on every system ranging from your internal organs to the world around you. Fat people are a classic example of substituting short-term gain for long term pain. Because of their lack of willpower, laziness, greediness, etc they avoid making small changes in diet and excersise in the present and accept large negative future consequences for themselves and the people around them. You are right to be ashamed if you are fat and doing nothing about it. Stop villianizing fit people, no one is buying it.

  14. Michelle Says:


    Besides a small segment of the population that really cannot lose weight due to diseases or disorders, most Americans are fully capable of losing excess body fat.

    It’s a matter of instilling a sense of willpower into the minds of Americans while getting rid of the mentality of instantaneous gratification. This mentality is fully ruining the lives of all Americans, whether healthy or not, and we as a society must take action to make lasting changes.

  15. Captain Obvious Says:

    Funny how the fatty fat mc lardos on here feel it necessary to write an essay length discourse explaining how THEY are the ones who are truly happy and how healthy people are secretly miserable underneath their seemingly more happy and fulfilling lives. The sheer size of your written excuses and explanations is enough to disprove your point in itself. Why dont you spend the time working out your fat ass instead of your fat fingers, no one beleives you, you are not happy, how could you be? You are fat and unhealthy… stop it!! gross. yuck.

  16. Oracle Says:

    Fat people are disgusting. I speak on behalf of every fit and healthy person I know. Sorry but its true!!

  17. mandy Says:

    I was raped repeatedly by my stepfather in my teens. I grew up hating myself and the woman that I became. I would punish myself by cutting deeply into my skin where people couldn’t see… on my stomach, my thighs. I also wouldn’t eat, to the point where I would faint at work, and one time I even swallowed my tongue and my heart stopped beating. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer, and I went through chemotherapy which left me very weak. I was put on steroids that made me stronger, but they also made me gain weight very fast. My fear had always been that I would gain weight, and my worst fear came true. Over a period of 6 months, I gained 100 lbs. I am grateful to be alive, but I still fight demons that tell me to hate myself and that I’m disgusting. I feel those same feelings of fear and shame that I did as a child being sexually abused. Last month, some men yelled rude comments about me from a car window about my weight. I went home and prayed to God to give me the strength to just take another breath because the pain was so incredibly intense that I couldn’t stand being me and being alive for another moment. The point is – you DO NOT know what people have gone through, you DO NOT know why they are overweight, and it is none of your fucking business anyway. Was it my fault I was raped throughout my childhood and spent time in foster homes? Was it my fault I was diagnosed with cancer at 24? We do the best we can, and I think that those of us who try to be the kindest, most compassionate and loving people we can are the ones who are TRULY beautiful. In a year I will be an ordained minister, and although I still struggle with self-hatred, it is funny that now, 100 lbs heavier, a long-time child abuse survivor, and a recent cancer surviver, I finally have that confidence to step up on the pulpit and try to make a real difference with my life. People, grow up. In the end, it won’t matter what weight you were, but rather the impact that you made on the world. I would rather be fat than be a disgusting, judgemental, repulsive asshole who can’t spell. Amen.

  18. Mindy Says:

    Captain Obvious: “i” before “e” except after “c”, pal. That should be obvious……and before you open your big mouth, no, I’m not fat.

  19. Megan Says:

    First of all, this author has some good points, but is totally neglecting the fact that most people won’t flat out say that they dislike you because you’re fat. It might be why they don’t like you, but very few people are rude enough to say it.

    Second off, being fat is unnatural, disliking fat people isn’t. Being fat is seen to the mind as a disease and is naturally repulsive. So fat people should not think they are being undeservingly hated. We can’t help our true nature. Even when I was a little fat, I hated fat people, including myself.

    Third, fat people represent what’s wrong with our contry. How they decide to eat food goes hand in hand with how greedy they tend to be. Somewhere in your mind, you feel that you deserve more than what you need. That’s just wrong.

    Fourth, to Mary, who is the most offensive person on here. You have issues. If you think you’re smarter than skinny people, think again. Maybe some skinny people are dumb, but at least they are smart enough to realize all of the crap that comes along with being fat and are mentally strong enough to make responsible decisions in order to avoid it.

    Fifth, for the few fat people that can’t help their weight due to hormones. That sucks, and you shouldn’t take it personally. It’s truely something you can’t help. But hey, i’d rather be born fat than born retarded or some other handicap.

    Last, fat people, when it CAN be helped, are naturally offensive, stress the system, and tend to have ISSUES. I have tried to lose weight for my health, happiness and to be a model citizen to my fellow fatty Houstonians. I recommend not only diet and excercise, but also some therapy, because being fat isn’t just physical a lot of it is mental. They’re might be issues that are holding you back so just keep trying your best and try new things. People are just mean because they are concerned and our culture has obesity labeled as taboo. To those of you who have you’re weight keep up the good work, and to the rest of you, best of luck!

  20. Veronica Says:

    Oh come on people! This is not that hard. I mean, sometimes it’s just silly.

    I keep myself healthy. I eat right. I don’t go out to fast food all the time. I don’t eat fried foods.

    I exercise. I do martial arts. I go camping. I ride horses. I swim.

    Anyone can live a healthy lifestyle if the want to.

    I am also fat. I’m 5’7” and 286lb.

    Sometimes it is just genetics.

  21. Hello Says:

    UGhh..Fat people.. I am truly jealous at your ability to not lose weight. Im 6’3 140 pounds, (guy) I dont look that damn skinny, but i chomp down 4500 + cals a day and can gain anything… probably have some disease.

  22. Hello Says:

    cant* cant*

  23. Being Thin is Hard Work Says:

    I’m thin, but I’m that guy who is always trying to lose the last ten pounds. It’s a struggle. Every day I work very hard to eat right and exercise and stay healthy. It is WORK.

    When I see fat people, I see everything I hate about myself AMPLIFIED. The guilt I feel over skipping a workout, the shame I feel for sneaking a second slice of cake – all of that and more, multiplied over years of my own experience, in a walking, talking life sized package.

    When skinny people see fat people, we see our own biggest fears realized. We see failure. We see depression. We see who we would be if we weren’t working so hard to stay thin. No wonder we get hateful.

  24. Globi Says:

    To those of you who find “fat” people disgusting and costing the public immeasurable funds: I find people who smoke disgusting…and no one needs to “smoke” to stay alive. I don’t treat people maliciously for it. I find people who are promiscuous to be “disgusting” and God knows how many millions are being spent on STDs, abortions, AIDS -not to mention all the victims of said activity like children in foster homes, sick from AIDS blood transfusions…etc. I can go on and on about public funds spent to assist people who PURPOSEFULLY do harm onto themselves and others. Being FAT is a combo of genetics and hormones- get educated before making idiotic statements in public. Food is a necessity to life. Bad food is the cheapest food and therefore most people end up buying it. It’s people like you who are hateful that spur insecurities in others leading them to suffer depression, poor self esteem etc… I am not fat…but I have been overweight and worked damned hard with many doctors to overcome my hormonal problems to enable me to lose weight. My number ONE peeve is to see/read/listen to ignorant jerks spew hatred about others. How’s this for a change-people like YOU cause HARM to others in how you treat them. Get a clue and get a grip-be nice to people, what the hell is wrong with people like you?

  25. zanni Says:

    Yeah, I personally HATE fat people, they are DISGUSTING and please DON’T be anywhere around me. They look filthy–and yeah, it’s NOT your “hormonal problems”, its your mouth that you stuff with crap, like McDonalds dumpster. No food = no fat. Fat people are lazy and mentally unstable. They just look unclean to me. And they easily get colds and flus and spread them around. They’re just a downer whenever you look at them and they have de-motivational effect on fit pple. Stop eating, drop that sandwich.

  26. Not Skinny, Not Fat Says:

    I’m not skinny, nor am I fat. At 5’6 1/2″ and 125 pounds (female), I fall into the healthy weight category. I have never had an issue being accepted into the “Thin Club” at this size. The only people who have ever called me skinny or tiny are people who really ARE overweight or obese.

    I HAVE been fat before. It was AWFUL. I was fat in middle school and had eating disorders in high school. When I decided I was going to try to “eat normally,” I BLEW UP, gaining 50 pounds in six months. I ate everything my best friend did, only I got fat while she stayed the same. She was used to eating like that and really IS “naturally thin” whereas I truly am a big-boned gal who has always been predisposed towards gaining fat if I’m not careful. I got tired of being fat and completely changed my life. I realized that if I wanted to be slim myself, I’d have to do the complete opposite of what most people do.

    If I want to be lean, I have to eat a highly regimented, SUPER CLEAN diet: no processed foods, lots of lean protein, and small meals every 2-3 hours. I have a desk job, so I make a point of working out 2 hours a day. I follow these guidelines 95% of the time and am 17% body fat. I have been leaner before, but only when I had absolutely no life other than working out and strict dieting.

    I eat dessert maybe once every 1-2 weeks. I eat fast food around 2-3 times a year, if even, and eat salty snacks around the same amount. I never drink soda. If I am hungry but have met my energy requirements for the day, I will stay hungry. Every meal I eat must include a complete protein, a complex carb/fiber source, and a healthy fat.

    Do I hate fat people? NO. Absolutely not. I don’t think fat and lazy have a direct correlation. I may be MUCH lazier than they are in OTHER aspects of MY life. I am not fat, but I procrastinate at work sometimes. I am not fat, but I have a pile of clothes on my bedroom floor that needs to be hung up and sometimes my bed is unmade. I am not fat, but I am never home long enough to have the cable guy fix my digital box… and I am too lazy to even bother calling to make the appointment. Who am I to accuse another of being lazy just because he or she is fat? There are SO many more aspects of working hard besides the obvious physical kind.

    Back to “The Thin Club” – I was considered “HOT” by many before I got fat. Once I got fat, people’s reactions to me did a total 180. I never thought about “The Thin Club” until I was no longer a part of it. I stopped receiving special attention from guys. No one seemed to care much about what I had to say. If I made off-the-wall jokes, people looked at me like I was weird… even though they laughed before I got fat. I was suddenly an invisible blob of humanity, and I wasn’t even THAT fat! I was overweight, not obese. I noticed I started getting accepted back into “The Thin Club” once I reached 145 and gained full acceptance at 135 and under.

    It makes me SAD that I must dedicate SO much time, energy, and thought into staying thin, but I know I MUST if I want to be confident and accepted. I watch EVERYTHING I eat like a freakin’ hawk. I write every single bite down, including condiments. I make sure I know how many calories I am burning throughout the day and I hold myself completely accountable. I have seen through my personal experiences that I do not burn as many calories per day as most women my age and weight do. I can only eat 1,500-1,600 calories a day on average even WITH my workouts or else I WILL gain weight.

    I really wish our society was not so mean towards those who are overweight or even just on the higher end of average; I know my body would be happier at a higher weight and I am not meant to be this thin, but I am not unhealthy and I still look good, so I am willing to make the sacrifices.

  27. Not Skinny, Not Fat Says:

    On a side note, I DO think FAT LOOKS really disgusting. I have always hated it on myself and could never date anyone who was even overweight. That is another reason why I am so neurotic about my own appearance. I can’t be hypocritical, if I want a fit guy, I have to be a slim, fit girl. If I want to like my body and feel sexy, I have to be lean. Otherwise, I’ll be grossed out every time I look in the mirror. Fat is NOT attractive AT ALL, though the really skinny look, in my opinion, is almost as unsexy. I like medium-sized, healthy folks and wish there were more of those around.

    I hate that I am so shallow and find fat to be so, so gross… I don’t care if people are fat and I have friends of all sizes, but fat naked people really make me want to vomit. It is probably just my own fear of being fat lashing out.

  28. yeye Says:

    Buhu… Never seen any fat people leaving a concentration camp.

    I Work at a fitnesscenter and all the fat people, who does not loose weight, does not have a food plan (does not stick to it), most of them sit and talk when they should be working out. Or say the are working out becourse they sweat a little. You dont sweat a little when you work out… you sweat like a fat pig, running a hamster wheel in a owen, you fat bastard.

    Fat people who say they cant loose weight, are weak both menataly and physically.

    All the fat people who stick to the food plan. And workout like their miserable pathetic lives depended on it, loos weight.

    I was in the army a few years and there was some of the: “Cant loose weight, please feel sorry for me, and give me some sugar, while i sit ower here and wonder why people dont like me” people. Those lucky bastards was forced to eat “well” and exercise hard and they lost weight, they got happy about them selfe. And turned out to be nice guys now that they was not whining all the time… big suprise.

    Sorry for the bad english, hope you get the point fatty.

  29. Eric Says:

    It is time that we stop feeling sorry for people who walk around overweight.40 years ago there wasn’t an “obesity epidemic” like there is now. For most people that are obese, it is lifestyle. The fast food lifestyle. The healthcare system is overwhelmed and on the verge of collapse because of obesity related health problems. Type 2 diabetes rates have doubled along with the obesity rate. It is no longer called “adult onset diabetes” because kids now have it too because they are fat.It is the parents faults. Heart disease(the heart is a MUSCLE and needs to be exercised and if there is too much fat on the body it overstrains the heart) I am so sick of seeing people walking around so fat that they are winded just by walking and can hardly move but are eating a Big Mac while huffing and puffing. Weakness mentally and physically is the real cause of this “obesity epidemic.” All of this man made processed food that the body cannot metabolize is a cause of obesity too. POP TARTS AREN’T FOOD!! Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, depression, broken chairs, broken stairs, and an overwhelmed healthcare system that I get to help pay for. Lets not even mention how these porker 400 pounder people use so much gas in their cars to cart their asses around. Until we stop having sympathy for these people they will continue to be gross to look at and cost us so much money because of their health problems. I am so sick of fiances fat family making comments to me about how I exercise and eat right so they can justify their gluttony. They are so fat that they can hardly walk or breathe while walking. My fiances sister is so fat that she can’t do a full grocery shopping trip because she doesn’t have the stamina or strength to walk or stand long enought to get through it. She lives on potato chips, hotdogs, ice cream, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and believes that apple pie counts as a serving of a fruit. She says that her enlarged heart isn’t related to her weight but she weighs over 400 pounds and is only 5 feet tall. She says that her heart disease isn’t related to her weight. She also says that her osteoarthritis isn’t related to her morbid obesity. She can barely take a shower, she is so fat.

  30. Alex Says:

    I personally know several people who think that fat people are repulsive, i think that in some cases, yes they are repulsive. BUT, there are exceptions, of course. There was an obese woman who i have seen taking up 3 seats in the Mall eating a tray of big macs, she was wearing a robe and im sure had not taken a shower in a while. Clearly, that is pretty nasty. I think that when someone sees a Fat person who is not very cleanly they think that ALL fat people are like that. Its unfortunate, but It will never change.

  31. Zack Says:

    Not to be rude but.. it is because your fat, but unlike me most guys don’t have the balls to tell you straight up that they are embarassed to be seen with you. the truth hurts man just run on the treadmill everyday it feels good


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