Ice Skating Workout

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R.P. Hobson & wife on ice skates by The Library of Congress from FlickrWhen I saw this Library of Congress photo this morning, it reminded me that winter is almost over. We got a fresh layer of snow in Salt Lake City, yesterday, but I’m sure other parts of the world are enjoying much better weather. Fortunately, we can ice skate all year ’round with indoor ice skating rinks.

It’s almost spring and I haven’t gone ice skating… again.

Ice skating isn’t just a sport that athletes do on the ice. For inspiration, here is the workout regimen that allowed Johnny Weir to overcome devastating knee and ankle injuries and make it to the 2006 Olympics.

For me, ice skating is just a fun way to try to keep my butt off the ice, but the workouts that I do every week are what keep me strong enough to enjoy ice skating as a casual sport. Before the winter melts into spring, get yourself out to a skating rink to enjoy the last of the winter sports.


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  1. Ernie Says:

    From the Florida guy:

    Wait a second. People skate…ON ICE??

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