PostSecret: Thighs

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This postcard from PostSecret reminds me of how different our bodies are.

PostSecret: Thighs

It reads:

I’m terrified that my thighs will touch together one day.

As thin as I’ve ever gotten, my thighs have ALWAYS touched together. I have never been able to stand up without my thighs touching. That makes running VERY difficult and chafing is a problem unless I wear the correct clothing. When my mom was at her tiniest, I was talking about my problem with chafing on my inner thighs when I run. She nodded and said that she had the same trouble on her evening walks.

I was shocked. She couldn’t have weighed more than 120 pounds at the time.

As similar as we are, there is so much variation in the make up of our bodies. The girl in the PostSecret card would have to gain hundreds of pounds in order for her thighs to touch, whereas I may never be free from it no matter how thin I get. Honestly, whether my thighs rub against each other when I’m doing my daily run isn’t the issue. The issue is whether I do the run every day.

PostSecret‘s beneficiary is the National Hopeline Network. It is a 24-hour hotline (1 (800) SUICIDE) for anyone who is thinking about suicide or knows someone who is considering it.


13 Responses to “PostSecret: Thighs”

  1. angie Says:

    How odd. After seeing that and hearing who makes the cards, I’m kind of weirded out. But yeah, I can’t imagine my thighs not touching. In fact the picture looks like it was a mannequin.

  2. Renee Says:

    It’s always been a dream for mine not to touch but I’ve never been blessed with such fortune. :o) Yes, seems weight really has nothing to do with it for a lot of us.

  3. skye Says:

    my thighs have never touched and I’ve always gotten teased for the massive gap between my legs. I don’t think your thighs shouldn’t touch unless your bowlegged. Guys hate the gap too.

  4. skye Says:

    my thighs have never touched and I’ve always gotten teased for the massive gap between my legs. I don’t think your thighs shouldn’t touch unless your bowlegged.

  5. Miss T Says:

    My thighs dont touch. Never have done. Be thankful that ur thighs do touch! And btw,i havnt got a chronic eating disorder, im perfetly healthy, just naturally thin! If anything i eat too much chocolate and not enough veg!

  6. Michael Says:

    @skye–I realize this is almost a year later so it may never reach you, but I want to tell you not to be so discouraged about yourself. There are a lot of factors influencing whether thighs do or don’t touch–fitness level, genetics, the food that you eat, whether or not you sit in seiza (if you happen to be familiar with Japanese sitting postures there’s studies showing how it affects leg structure). It’s not unnatural at all for your thighs to not touch, it’s just one of the many shapes the human body can be and it’s just as beautiful as its counterpart. I’m a guy, and personally I’ve seen some ridiculously attractive girls both whose thighs don’t touch and whose thighs do. I tend to slightly prefer girls whose thighs do not touch; that’s just my personal taste on that issue. Whoever is teasing you is either jealous (girls) or knows they can’t have you (boys). But most importantly, before you care about whether your body is good enough for other people you should decide whether or not YOU like it. And if you do decide you want to change something, do it for yourself, never for someone else.

  7. Sup Says:

    when i stand with my feet together my knees don’t touch but the top of my thighs do, and I am not fat so i dont think it matters. People are obsessed with body image these days, have to say that im a bit guilty of that! I eat all the chocolate i want and then skip dinner ect. not exactly healthy but you know..

  8. Ami Says:

    My thighs never used to touch, i wasnt overweight or anything. Now they don’t, but now I’m anorexic.

  9. Landon Says:

    My thighs used to touch, but I am now anorexic also, and they don’t any more. I can relate to that post secret completely.

  10. Tiff Says:

    My thighs have always touched…i’ve always been a swimmer and have NEVER had chafing. After i had my baby…my thighs still touch and it seems i have never itched so much before with this chafing in the inner thigh…But they have ALWAYS touched…i don’t know why after having a kid all of a sudden i get the chafing…I’m so glad i’m not the only one…a hair brush starts to hurt after awhile from scratching with it so much!

  11. kitten_bearr Says:

    My thighs used to touch when i was younger, but when i was about 11 or 12 i got extrememly skinny and my thighs have a gap in the middle.

    I presume a way i could explain it (how the gap looks) is maybe like the back legs of a horse. A sort of horse-shoe shape in the middle.

    Well, needless to say I LOVE my body, im petitie but toned naturally (a little light…im currently 110 and 21 years old, but I look healthy, i eat healthy, im vegetarian, ill eat fish once in a while, im active, im a full time student and work at 2 part time jobs…but since i have a busy schedule sometimes i dont eat at the right times) soooooo

    ANYWAYS, i HATTTTEEEE how thin they are 🙁 any suggestions… i do squats like once a week.. should i do it more? But why are everyone elses normal…my bones and muscles are thin

  12. sharnece Says:

    See I am knott knee, that mean when you put your feet together your knees touch. Therefore, even when I was a child and always being the smallest in class, literally by height and weight. My thighs have always touch and I hate it. Maybe if I wasn’t knott knee my thighs wouldn’t touch, but what can I do? I was born this way.

  13. Catlover Says:

    It all depends on the angles of your hips and knees. When I was anorexic in my early teen years with a BMI of 15 there was only the tiniest gap between them – not even enough to put a magazine and my thighs STILL chafed.. I know girls in my class at a normal weight with a larger gap than I had, it’s just so annoying.

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