Fat Ice Cream Penguin

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Mike and I were eating at a buffet in Las Vegas back in January. I was trying to forget about eating healthy and just “enjoy” myself on the trip. Mike was looking past me at the wall.

“Cute penguin.”

I turned around to see what he was looking at. I didn’t see a cute penguin. I saw a corpulent glutton eating an ice cream cone the size of his head.

Fat Ice Cream Penguin by LauraMoncur from Flickr

It stopped me in my tracks and I ate very healthy that night.

I’m continually surprised at what makes me eat healthy. When I look at this photo now, he looks like a cute little penguin, but that night, he looked FAT. He reminded me of why I want to eat healthy. He reminded me that taking care of myself isn’t about “letting go” and eating too much. If I think hard about it, I can almost see the blubbery penguin that I saw that night, but it’s difficult.

If somehow I could bottle that feeling, I would never have trouble eating healthy again.


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