Curves and Avon Embrace Quackery

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It had been a long time since I had picked up an Avon catalog, but while I waited for my yearly doctor’s exam, I perused the catalog. I wasn’t surprised that Curves and Avon had joined forces. What surprised me were the products that they were offering.

Curves and Avon Embrace Quackery by LauraMoncur from Flickr

This advertisement reads:

Curves Trimming Waist Support
Thermal-action shaper belt retains warmth and may help you shed excess water as you exercise. Supports lower back.

I’m sure it gives some support to the lower back, but are they really going to suggest that this belt will help you lose weight? Maybe my grandma would have believed that back in 1963, but does anyone believe it now? A quick search on Yahoo! Answers gives us the truth.

Fat is not melted away by warm clothing…it is only lost when consumed by the body as a source of fuel. Do cardio for over 20 minutes and you’ll start to burn fat. The sweat under your shorts is just water trying to keep you cool…not fat.

Curves and Avon Embrace Quackery by LauraMoncur from Flickr

This advertisement reads:

Curves Trimming Shorts
Sauna action neoprene may help you shed excess water weight from your lower torso to your thighs.

Again with the sauna shorts. They might make you sweat, but they aren’t going to deal with the REAL reason your hips are big: fat.

Curves and Avon Embrace Quackery by LauraMoncur from Flickr

This advertisement reads:

Curves for Women Toning Flip Flops
Stylish sandals cushion feet while helping to stimulate circulation. Improve balance and posture. Natural shock absorbers challenge your muscles to strengthen.

The name of the sandals uses the word “toning,” but there is no proof that the kind of shoes you wear can tone your legs. I’ve talked about this here:

There is no doubt in my mind that Curves and Avon have done a world of good for women all over the U.S., but seeing them resort to selling these sorts of products makes me wary of everything else they do.


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  1. Rona Y Says:

    I see stuff like this in Japan all the time, and it sells incredibly well here! Japanese people are always the first to jump on any fad, and despite being incredibly careful, rational people (“attentive to detail” is one of the most commonly described attributes of Japanese people as a whole), they are quick to believe any kind of health/fitness fad.

    Even now, I see at least half a dozen people wearing vinyl sweat suits every time I go to the gym. Why, why, why?

    (What’s worse is that many of the somen who wear these things are about a size 2 or maybe 4 by North American standards–they wear girdles, too!)

  2. Rona Y Says:

    Oops–that should be “women”, not “somen” (“somen” is a type of Japanese noodle usually eaten cold, by the way)

  3. iportion Says:

    A lot of smart people fall for this type of thing due to being desperate, or just wanting it easy. Exercise and healthy eating can be fun but it’s usually not easy.

  4. Rose Says:

    These shoes are very very similar to MBT sandals which cost $240. MBT make the same claim. Avons shoes cost $30. At least Avon doesn’t lie to you and rob you at the same time. By the way both brand of shoes are very comfortable and they do encourage exercise which does make you lose weight.

  5. Susan Says:

    The first time I walked in the sandals..(not the flops) I could feel the stretch of the muscles in the back of my leg…I can see my legs toning…I LOVE THEM!!!…it is pretty well known that the ‘wraps’ do not take off fat…but reduce water weight.

  6. Christina Says:

    I just tried the waist trimmer. I like it because it holds my belly fat tight while exercising. There is nothing worse than exercising while my belly is three exercises behind me…haha. Seriously, I have some baby belly jiggle going on and this waist trimmer helps hold it in. If a benefit is to lose water weight, which by the way WOW! My waist was soaked when I got done exercising…then that benefit is awesome! I would love to try out the shoes but I can’t even afford $30 right now except it be on a pair of crosstrainers.

  7. Susan Says:

    I am an AVON representative and have been selling for over 10 years. I have sold over 50 pairs of the toning sneakers and sandals. Many of my customers use them when they walk, exercise or just do errands and they love them. I have had such positive feed back on then. One customer uses the waist support and lost over 3 inches in her waist by wearing it every day, while working and exercise and believes this helped out. Everyone has an op-ion and that is fine. I just haven’t had any bad feed back on these items that I have sold and the price is unbeatable compared to MBX, Sketchers, and others on the marker. That’s my experience. Plus, AVON offers a 100% guarantee on their products as well.

  8. Turtlelamp Says:

    I am an Avon representative and these products have sold very well for me. They do not claim to help you lose fat. They are accessories meant to enhance your workout. There are no outlandish claims of weigh loss or doctored before and after photos. It’s a funny looking pair of shorts that makes you sweat and doesn’t claim to be anything else. Little old ladies that buy Avon from me use these items to keep warm or for the feeling of support that regular workout clothes do not give them. Selling women products that encourage them to exercise at prices much lower than the popular brands is something that I find rewarding.

  9. Rebecca Says:

    HI i would just like to know if these products are available in South Africa and where can i get these sliming products: Curves trimming Shorts,Curves Trimming wait support,Curves toning flip flops for women???

    Thank you

  10. surito Says:

    I never thought this would be a miracle weight loss cure. But I assumed that since it helps warm the stomach, perhaps it could be somewhat useful for those with poor digestion, or bloating and cramps during that time of the month. The details state that it’s MAY help in shedding water weight..not fat weight. So I do hope those who buy this product understand the difference. Wasn’t the stomach band (haramaki) around for a long time in Japan? Nowadays for fashion, and for keeping belly warm in winter, and for other reasons…Sort of like leg warmers I guess.

  11. Jan Says:

    Has Avon quit selling CURVES Products and if so, why? I bought all of my CURVES things from AVON and am very sad to not see in catalog now. BRING BACK PLEASE

  12. Diane Says:

    Anyone have a pair of the sandals in size 7? I NEED to replace the pair my pup just ripped a strap loose on tonight. THE most comfortable sandals EVER! I wear them ALL the time – or at least I did until tonght!

  13. glynis goodge Says:

    looking for flip flops that cushion your feet

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