No Fat Chicks and Can You Find Your Penis?

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I was looking for an image of a book called No Fat Chicks, so I looked at Google’s Image Search. Instead of the book cover I was looking for, I found a huge pile of derogatory images.

No Fat ChicksThe sign reads:

Nudist Beach: Fat chicks prohibited beyond this point.

I’m sure this is a photoshopped sign, but it just made my blood boil. There are guys with horrible acne and bad breath that laugh at this sort of thing and never once think for a moment that they need to look within. EVERY man I’ve seen with a “No Fat Chicks” bumper sticker on his jacked up pickup hasn’t been the image of perfect manliness himself. What gives these guys the right to degrade anyone like that?

Of course, women aren’t the only ones on the “laughing” block. I found this image on the same page.

Can You Find Your Penis?It reads:

Can’t find your penis?
We’ve got two solutions for you:
For a smaller gut: go to a spam website
For a big dick: go to a spam website

This was supposedly a spam email that was making the rounds for a while back in 2007.

Both of these images are so infuriating because they treat overweight people like objects. They say that the only way we are considered worthwhile human beings is if we fit into the seats on an airplane.


There have been MANY famous and influential fat people throughout history:

The sad truth is, however, that there are people out there who believe this. They make decisions about whether we get a raise, pass a class, or get health care. If there was any reason to lose weight besides health, getting away from the discrimination should be number two on your list, because people who laugh at these jokes are in power to decide our lives.

No Fat Chicks via: No Fat Chicks Sign | Funny Pictures

Can You Find Your Penis? via: Laughter is the Best Medicine » Blog Archive » Funniest Spam Ever!


2 Responses to “No Fat Chicks and Can You Find Your Penis?”

  1. Goomba Says:

    I can see why people should be a little infuriated, but c’mon, this country is too fat. I think overall it’s good to give shit to fatties! Fat people are unhealthier and unhappier, and they use up more energy. Do you ever see huge fat people riding bikes or walking? No! They drive around SUVs and drive up health care costs. Why should we SUPPORT the rising obesity rate? i say launch an anti-fatty campaign. America needs it, badly. We are ridiculous.

    Also I’d like to point out that men have it WAY too easy. Fat guys are okay, but fat girls are not. This is upsetting to me. Fat people are NOT okay, in my opinion. And it’s b.s. that fat guys can get away being famous and have incredible lives, because they are guys (must be hot if you’re female). That is such crap…. yet I suspect females are laregly to blame, cuz they will put up with it and we won’t.

  2. Goomba Says:

    And, on another note, YOU try sitting next to someone on an airplane who takes up two seats. It sucks ass. I had to do it from LA to Anchorage one time. They should be charged for two seats. Same as people with screaming babies but that’s a different matter.

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