Do You Still Use Your Wii Fit?

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Wii Fit at Amazon.comThe media is quick to call us all lazy and unmotivated because many people don’t play with their Wii Fit anymore. Check out this article:

Don’t blame Nintendo for people’s sloth, observers say. The company has marketed its new cash cow brilliantly, and it’s not responsible for whether consumers play the game or not. Nintendo declined to comment for this article, but Wii Fit creator Shigeru Miyamoto has previously gone on record and said that the game is less about people losing weight and more about broadening the videogame market. Still, it seems a little disingenuous for Nintendo to heavily market a fitness tool that’s sitting in more than a million American living rooms collecting dust.

I say the fact that I haven’t played Wii Fit for months is most CERTAINLY Nintendo’s fault. Wii Fit isn’t really the be-all fitness game that we all were hoping it would be. It’s fun, but my heart rate rarely gets high enough to hit the cardio level unless I do the running or hula hoop. There is only so much hula hoop and running in place that I can do before I get BORED!

Not to mention the inordinate amount of time I end up pressing the A button to get to the next exercise. For every 30 minute workout I’ve done, it has taken me 55 minutes of real time. That’s half the time working out and half the time standing on the Wii Balance Board watching a stupid animation or the virtual trainer tell me something that I don’t need to hear. If I spend the same 55 minutes on the treadmill, I burn twice as many calories.

Where is your obese husband?And of course, the daily ridicule didn’t help. If you play every day, the Wii Fit calls you obese and if you don’t play, it bugs the other players wondering where you are!

Sure, I liked the yoga and the balance sections, but those were really games more than a good workout. I can’t wait for a SERIOUS company to create a real fitness game for the Wii Balance Board. I wish Konami would create something for that controller. After ten years of DDR, Konami knows how to make fitness games. Honestly, I’ve been playing DDR for over five years now and I still LOVE it. It’s my favorite active game.

What about you? Are you still playing with your Wii Fit? Is it because you’re lazy like Yahoo Games accuses us? Or have you been doing something else for exercise because the thought of doing any more Wii Fit stepping just makes you cringe with boredom?

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2 Responses to “Do You Still Use Your Wii Fit?”

  1. Lynn C Says:

    Well, my husband and I just got a Wii Fit about 2 weeks ago (we borrowed one from our friend for a week before we bought our own) and obviously we’re still using it, but, of course, we just got it, so it’s still new and fun.

    My husband has already reached his weight goal; he lost 85 pounds last year doing very light exercise, mostly with just eating right and walking… Ditto, I am very close to my weight being “normal”, altho my weight goal is somewhat lower than the top end of normal.

    Now, I’m hitting the gym three times a week for 90 minutes of cardio and weights, so the Wii Fit is more a supplement to my fitness program, or a way to keep some movement in my day, even when I’m not headed to the gym, or it’s too cold outside to walk (did you ever notice when you lose a lot of weight that you get cold really easily? Annoying, that. I used to never get cold, and now I’m always looking for a new sweater…)

    I do find the hitting the A button between exercises to be a bit wearisome, especially with some of the yoga poses where I really find it easier to put the remote DOWN in order to do them. I just find it hard to do, say, a tree pose with the remote dangling over my head, or to do the sun salutation without smacking myself in the thigh, etc. Actually, I found the best way to do it is enlist my 5 year old. She holds the remote and cheers me on, hitting the A button for me when needed.

    I do wish the gym background was a little more exciting, tho… the green and blue on white coloring is sort of… soothing. I don’t want to be soothed while I work out.

  2. Raeann Says:

    We didn’t own a scale before we bought Wii Fit. It doesn’t provide a great deal of exercise, no, but I have learned some yoga and it’s a super easy and accurate way to keep track of my weight.

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